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Bait Description Price Quantity Weight Required level Recommended hook size
Bloodworms are sometimes called the “ultimate fish bait." They are extremely effective as bait and play a vital role in the natural diet of numerous fish species, particularly due to their high protein content. This makes bloodworms exceptionally attractive for many fish species. 300 Credits.png 25 Light 12 #10 - #6
Crickets make great bait for catching a variety of fish including bass, trout, and all kinds of pan-fish such as bluegill. Crickets can sometimes attract fish that other types of baits cannot. Probably the most effective overall bait for bluegills and trout. 200 Credits.png 25 Light 6 #6 - #1/0
Dragonfly have been used by anglers as bait for years being an excellent bait for many top-water species, such as bass, trout and salmon. 450 Credits.png 25 Light 38 #6 - #1/0
Flies get blown into the water, during summertime, and fish are often found near the bank waiting for them. If you have a net you can round up plenty of flies for bait. The advantage of using flies is that they work well both dead or alive. 180 Credits.png 25 Light 5 #8 - #1
Grasshoppers are an easy live bait to work with due to their large size and being relatively easy to catch. Using grasshoppers as live fishing bait takes practice and some trial and error to learn the techniques that work for different fish and fishing spots. 140 Credits.png 25 Light 4 #4 - #2/0
Leeches are an excellent live freshwater bait for walleye, catfish and northern pike. What is more, if you are looking for the perfect catfish bait then look no further. Leeches can be found in various types of lakes, farm ponds and streams. 350 Credits.png 25 Medium 30 #1 - #4/0
Maggots are a perfect coarse bait, arguably the best bait to ensure a catch even on the worst of fishing days. By throwing free offerings of maggots (feeding) into the water around a baited hook, fish are attracted to the area, which substantially increases the chance of success. Great bait for a whole variety of fish. 240 Credits.png 25 Light 10 #10 - #2
MayFlies are used by anglers for years, being known as the number one most popular and effective trout bait in the world. 400 Credits.png

4 Baitcoins.png

25 Light 16


#6 - #1
Night Crawlers.png
Night Crawler, the reddish-gray-colored common earthworm, is familiar to anyone with a fishing rod or a garden. They are indigenous to Europe, but are now abundant in North America and Western Asia. 170 Credits.png 25 Med Light 18 #4 - #4/0
Red Worms.png
Red Worms are known under various common names such as brandling worms, panfish worms, trout worms, tiger worms or red wiggler worms. The red worms is one of the traditional baits that have been used for hundreds of years. 50 Credits.png 25 Light 1 #10 - #2
Wax Worms.png
Wax Worms are the answer if you are looking for effective panfish bait. They are the bait of choice to fill your stringer in no time. Also are known to be the best grub-bait and are particularly effective for trout fishing. 250 Credits.png 25 Light 13 #10 - #2