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Lepomis gulosus
Species Information
Size / weight
Common up to 0.2 (0.44) kg (lb)
Trophy up to 0.8 (1.76) kg (lb)
Price / Reward
Common per kg 170
Trophy per kg 175


Warmouth (Lepomis gulosus), also known as Warmouth Sunfish or Molly, is a large freshwater fish of the Sunfish family found in ponds, lakes, rivers and streams throughout the eastern and southeastern United States. These fish can survive in polluted, low-oxygenated waters where other sunfish cannot. Warmouth have dark bodies with a mottled brown coloration and a golden belly and range in size from 10 to 25cm (4 to 10in), but can grow to over 31cm (12in) in length, and weigh up to 1kg (2.25lb). This nocturnal species is highly aggressive and likes to hide in heavy cover, waiting to ambush its unsuspecting prey such as crayfish, freshwater shrimp, and other small fish.

Preferred baits:


Florida Louisiana Mississippi

Recommended fishing methods and tackle

Hook icon.png - #10 - #2

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