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If in-game chat is not enough for you or you want a faster way to communicate with your friends, while you are fishing, you can use official TeamSpeak server.

Connection details

- server address:

- password: no password (leave the field empty)

On main window you will find dedicated public channels for each fishing locations, in several different languages, and after your are confirmed as FISHING PLANET player, you can freely join any of them. Also, are few channels with special status (Admin channel, Wiki Team channel and Devs channel), dedicated to a specific task. You are unable to join them, unless one member with administrative rights will grant you access. The last channel (AFK) is dedicated to people who are on break and don't want to disconnect from server.

From time to time (usually weekly), members of development team are joining for chat sessions. Those are announced in advance on forum, so you can join and share your opinions, suggestions or critics with developers and the rest of the community. Those sessions are hosted on Beta Team Meeting channel.


  • As in any other community, keep a decent tone of discussion, any abuse or profanity being quickly punished by moderators or administrators. A set of rules are displayed in several languages. It's highly recommended to read them.
  • Virtually anytime, a server moderator or operator is logged in and ready to help you with any problem you might encounter.