School Bass. Mudwater River, Missouri

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This Mudwater River competition is pure fun that’s ideally suited for beginner anglers! Forget about strict rules and limitations - we are all learning here. But there’s no reason not to make an exciting competition and see how well you can catch Bass. So fear not, angler! This is the perfect chance to get a taste of friendly fishing rivalry! And may the best one win!

  • Catch all types and forms of Bass!
  • You can use any tackle and lures/baits you like!
  • Rod stand usage during the tournament is prohibited
  • The winner is determined by the total weight of all captured Bass.
  • You don't have to keep the fish to keep the Points.
  • The secondary score is based on the biggest single Bass caught!

Scoring Time 30 min
Preconditions Minimum Level
Min icon.png
Maximum Level
Max icon.png
Entry Fee 200 Credits.png
REWARDS Prize Fund 15839 Credits.png 16 Baitcoins.png
1st Place 5400 Credits.png 10 Baitcoins.png
2nd Place 3600 Credits.png 5 Baitcoins.png
3nd Place 1800 Credits.png 1 Baitcoins.png
You can get one of the following items: 3137.png X-Series Casting Spoon 3/4 Oz. (21 g), #3/0

3139.png X-Series Barbless Nano Spoon 1/5 Oz. (6 g), #1/0

3145.png X-Series Spinnerbait 3/4 Oz. (21 g), #3/0

5622.pngX-Series Sinker 2 3/4 Oz. (75 g)

3097.png X-Series Sport

Other rewards are distributed between 4th and 10th places