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Garry Scott™.png

Technology Description
A unique computerized zigzag pattern technology developed exclusively by Garry Scott™ after five years of research and testing creates blanks with truly amazing actions and dramatically higher sensitivity. Zigzag pattern design as well as the cutting technology itself substantially differs from traditional straight-line cutting methods. UZZ® technology can be found in our top line GSPlatinex® series as well as some GSPro® line rods.

Garry Scott™ proves to be a genuine pioneer in premium rod manufacturing with the ingenious NanoForce® technology that takes a leap further and combines our MegaResin® with strongest, lightest weight silica nanofibres – so called nanowires developed for NASA by top scientists. They are 12 times stronger than carbon fiber 15 times stronger than high strength steel, thus being the strongest silica nanofibres in the world. Garry Scott™ is currently the only fishing rod manufacturer with exclusive rights to experimentally use these nanowires in its elite line of casting and spinning rods. Due to high price and limited supply of nanofibers, NanoForce® can be found only in our top line GSPlatinex® series.

This approach implies the use of new digital curing ovens that provide a clash of unique temperature and time selection methods on all stages of the curing cycle. MegaResin® technology fixates carbon fibers in perfect arrangement to prevent micro-buckling and micro-kinking. Blanks cured using this cutting edge technology prove to be 25% stronger than those manufactured with regular curing methods. Garry Scott™ rods of the GSPlatinex®, GSPro® and GSLex® series are all manufactured using MegaResin® technology.

Garry Scott™ original FormFlex® Technology introduces an unconventional rod-shaping technique using computerized cutting edge equipment to help distribute stress along the entire blank. FormFlex® allows Garry Scott™ to build and shape rods virtually devoid of weak spots. While practically unnoticeable to the eye, the shape given to Garry Scott™ rods via the FormFlex® method consistently tests out to increase durability, strength, and sensitivity for a particularly enhanced feel. Garry Scott™ rods of the GSPlatinex®, GSPro® and GSLex® series are all manufactured using FormFlex® technology.

This revolutionary ultra light and mega durable NFT® guide system goes way beyond the original titanium frame guides which are considered to be the lightest and strongest on the market. NFT® takes titanium to combine it with our strongest, lightest weight silica NanoForce® nanofibers and create the new ultimate frame material that makes our guides 20% lighter and twice as strong as the existing solid titanium frame formula.
NanoForceTitanium® Guides

GST® Titanium alloy guides were specially engineered by Garry Scott™ to be 50% lighter, and three times stronger than regular stainless steel guides. Titanium frames are super light and remain totally corrosion free, no matter how extreme the conditions are. The GST® titanium alloy guides enhance the performance of your rod improving your angling technique at the same time.
GSTitanium® Guides


Technology Description
This extraordinary ultra hi-end technology is based on a recently discovered light-as-air material called Microlattice. It’s literally the lightest material in the world yet at the same time amazingly strong and rigid. Thread-like inclusion of Microlattice fibers intertwined with our extremely high modulus graphite make blanks with mechanical properties that allow unseen lightness, flexibility, and strength. AirLight® practically weightless and extra fast rods are best choice for miraculous accuracy on extreme-range and long-range casts.

Because AirLight® material is very expensive and implies a complex manufacturing process it is limited only to our top class PrimeSpinn® FeatherLight™ ultra light rods.

GLR® is a state of the art reinforcement lining technology that uses graphene, the world's new wonder material that weighs almost nothing and is 100 times stronger than carbon fiber of the same thickness. GLR® adds magnanimous strength with no addition to weight, thus making rods reinforced with GLR® light and virtually unbreakable even under severe loads, like a fish battle or a powerful hook set. GLR® lining material is quite expensive and can be found only in our top class PrimeSpinn® spinning and MagCarp® rods.
ProSpeed® is a unique construction that implies a high strain and ultra high modulus carbon fiber material to provide an amazing increase (15X) in strength if compared to regular graphite without adding to either weight or diameter. Our original manufacturing process enables us to make rods that top most others in strength as well as sensitivity. All MagFin™ rods built using ProSpeed® technology are light, sensitive and durable with moderate to fast action range, helping you make those good and accurate casts with ease.
ProSpeedAIR® goes a step further and combines our unique ProSpeed® technology with the limited AirLight® concept. Although not as weightless as full body AirLight® blanks, ProSpeedAIR® is an absolutely new construction that uses a ProSpeed® material butt section fused together with the super flexible AirLight® tip section. Thus making a more affordable combination of durability and lightness designed for professional anglers to realize their full casting potential. All MagFin™ rods built using ProSpeedAIR™ construction are super light, sensitive and can provide a range of fast to extra fast actions for better sensitivity and faster power for hooksetting.
MagFin has engineered the next level of ProSpeed® Construction called DynoSpeed®. It is a super dynamic alloy of ultra high modulus graphite with a special outer reinforcement layer based on a blend of carbon fibers with inclusions of graphene, a wonder material that weighs almost nothing and is 100 times stronger than regular carbon fiber, as seen in our premium-line-only GLR® Technology.
LGT® stand for durable and lightweight guides, featuring AirLight® graphite frames with high quality Zirconium ring inserts. LGT® makes the rod not only lighter, but essentially faster as well as more resilient. The use of GLR® lining additionally reduces the overall wear of line.
LiteGuide Technology®
Take a radical step towards weightlessness with world’s most lightweight guides, proudly presented by MagFin™. This is an extraordinary technology featuring AirLight® graphite frame guides reinforced with our state of the art GLR® lining, making LGT Ultra® guides virtually weightless and unbreakable. LGT Ultra® with the use of GLR® lining almost completely diminishes vibration of the guides during the cast ensuring unseen precision and balance, thus optimizing the rod action.
LGT Ultra®
MagFin’s latest invention - the EZGuide® System is meant for ultimate line control in spinning rod. Out top specialists put many hours of hard work and scientific testing into creating this technology and it was worth every second of the time – we achieved considerably longer casts by bringing the chance of wind knots to a minimum. The advantages of EZGuide® compared to standard guide systems as so tangible that you have to test is out yourself to believe!
EZGuide® System
FireFly® is a new fluorescent technology from MagFin™ used for ensuring a bright glow-in-the-dark effect for the Night Fishing Edition spinning and casting rods. We added special light absorbing powder to the fluorescent layer used for the rod’s guides and tip to brighten up your night fishing experience and ensure a radiant lighting effect all night long!


Technology Description
RIVERTEX™ introduces ARTEX® built rods that have a special layer of meta-aramid fiber composite lining for the strongest and most durable blank imaginable. Testing indicates that ARTEX® makes much stronger and lighter rods with unbelieavable resilience to bending and loading. All RIVERTEX™ rods built using ARTEX® technology are virtually devoid of weak points that may cause problems under high stress, like when there's a big fish on the line, making them the most powerful, muscular carp rods ever made.
RIVERTEX™ specialists know for sure that to make some truly great improvements one must start at the very beginning. ResinFix® targets one of the earliest and most important stages in rod blank creation – the curing process. Our unique ResinFix® technology implies a complex high pressure curing process that evenly distributes the air, thus uniformly solidifying the resin matrix. Whereas regular curing ovens inevitably leave tiny air bubbles trapped inside the blank resin, which might cause untimely loss of the rod’s stiffness and test curve, ResinFix® gives us a unified wall structure and a rod that will retain its original properties much longer. This technology also reduces weight and improves the performance.
MaxCarbon® technology allows us to closely control the carbon fiber alignment and substantially lower the resin content in the spaces between. This delivers considerable additional strength to the rod making the blank extremely powerful in contrast to normal carbon fiber rods with high resin content. MaxCarbon® rods are more condensed, providing considerable structural benefits in rod action. Every MaxCarbon® rod puts its emphasis on strength and power for optimum performance especially with the toughest fish out there.
Enables us to manufacture carp rods using a special carbon fiber pattern architecture that utilizes several types of fiber – each balanced and shaped to generate performance. The patterns are precision cut on a RIVERTEX™ cutting machine for a rod that is much more accurate, stronger and lighter compared to a counterpart built with conventional carbon content. The results can be further enhanced if combined with our ResinFix® curing process to additionally reinforce the blank.
FGS® is an excusive RIVERTEX™ impeccable guide system for ultimate fishing performance in carp rods. ForceGuide® System features no-weld, ARTEX® reinforced carbon frame guides with ceramic lining. The system also features a band new concept frame design that allows FGS® guides to be used on medium to heavy-duty carp and feeder rods.
ForceGuide System®
FGS Light® is a guide system especially designed for RIVERTEX™ premium concept Infinitor® carp and specialized Spinntex® spinning series. It has the amazing strength and advantages of our FGS® technology, but due to a special shape and design is substantially lighter.
FGS Light®
RIVERTEX™ presents a unique luminescent technology exclusively developed for its Night Fishing Edition spinning and casting rods! This technology implies covering the rod tip and guides with a special luminescent light-activated coating layer that brightly glows all night for perfect bite detection!


Technology Description
F DuraCarb.png
DuraCarb® is a special alloy of super durable high modulus carbon that gives superb strength, flexibility and overall performance to all Flaggman rod blanks. This particular technology provides exceptional durability for the rod, while ensuring an ultimate combination of power, lightness and casting accuracy.
F PowerRing.png
These extremely strong and durable guides used in all Flaggman fishing rods feature original stainless steel alloy frames that provide superb casting performance and ensure full corrosion protection, power and precision.


Technology Description
U ProtoFibre.png
A state-of-the-art formula allows us to create a special material called ProtoFibre® that is used in all UL-CHUBER™ rod blanks. Adding ProtoFibre® at a certain time in the process of blank manufacturing, reinforces the existing carbon fibers in all directions and gives us a blank of superior power, outstanding strength, double shock-resistance, and superb lightness.
U HyperTension.png
UL-CHUBER™ HyperTension® technology is a special blank curing process that implies a unique power module installed into the UL-CHUBER™ curing ovens to apply tension of particular frequency to the rods in the process of heating under certain temperatures. This helps achieve outstandingly gradual distribution of resins throughout the matrix of carbon fibres, thus enabling to create rod blanks that are by powerful and responsive beyond comparison.
U OxyAlum.png
UL-CHUBER™ technologists created unique chrome-plated steel guides reinforced with a special aluminum oxide lining. While the chrome plating provides superb corrosion resistance and intensifies solidity, the aluminum oxide serves to strengthen and enhance all these virtuous properties. Sturdy and lightweight, the OxyAlum® Guides are used throughout all UL-CHUBER™ rod lines to ensure the perfect combination of strength and performance!
OxyAlum® Guides
U OxyTitan.png
Applied only to UL-CHUBER™ top lines of feeder rods, OxyTitan® technology takes the very concept of guides to a whole new level. We took the original chrome-plated steel guides with superb corrosion resistance and added a layer of oxide titanium lining reinforcement, thus making OxyTitan® Guides uncompromisingly tough and powerful, yet almost weightless at the same time.
OxyTitan® Guides
U TrueGrip.png
UL-CHUBER™ presents one of its newest technological creations - the TrueGrip® handle enhancement material. This implies covering the original rod handle material with an ultra thin layer of secret formula silicone-based coating. Soft and pleasantly grippy to the touch, this clear and invisible membrane serves to prevent any absorption of moisture, dirt and grease into the handle material as well as ensures a sturdy and powerful grip!
TrueGrip® Handle Enhancement

Fletch and Bradford™.jpg

Technology Description
12343 FaBrilliant®.png
Multilayer composite reinforcement is the basis of this technology. The carbon fibers are laid in a herringbone pattern, which provides amazing flexibility, stretchability, and, most importantly, the strength of the rod. The fibers are bound by polyester resin, which reliably protects them from moisture and external damage.
12344 FaBonacci®.png
The diameter and placement of guiding rings along the entire length of the rod play a significant role in long-range controlled casts. This technology uses the calculations of a Pisan mathematician — the formula for perfectly placed rings made of sintered metal alloy that preserves your line and guarantees a perfect cast.
12349 URS®.png
The Ultra Resonance System® technology uses composite high-modulus materials, which allows the rod to return to its original position after peak loads in a fraction of a second. This provides excellent plasticity and flexibility of the rod, as well as increased sensitivity, which is extremely important for feeling jerks or bites.


Technology Description
12350 SamuraiDo®.png
This unique technology of reinforcing heavy rods was created by Japanese specialists. Each of the eight reinforcing layers is applied to the rod with vacuum infusion and consists of braided gel fiber made of high modulus polyethylene, carbon fabric, and polymer resin. The criss-cross layers make the rod extra strong and flexible.
12355 NFP®.png
Thermal processing of hydrocarbons creates single-walled carbon nanotubes, which are incredibly strong and flexible. These are the nanotubes used to reinforce the rod tip using NanoFlexyPoint® technology.