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Doesn’t make reels at all.


Technology Description
A state of the art reel body technology exclusive only to MagFin™ premium Spinning series, MicroLite® incorporates a metal plated frame construction that features Microlattice fibers as in our premium AirLight® rod technology. From a practical standpoint, Microlattice reinforced metal coating holds the reel’s moving parts in perfect alignment and allows unseen lightness, durability and strength, from an aesthetic one – MicroLite® frames ome in a variety of beautiful and durable finishes.
MicroLite® Frame Alloy
MetaGraf® construction incorporates MagFin™ GLR® technology for Low Profile Baitcasting and Spinning reels, which uses an ultra light and super strong hi-end material called graphene. As a result, MetaGraf® frames are much stronger and capable of withstanding substantially more pressure and torque than any graphite frame. MetaGraf® Frame Construction adds nothing to weight, thus making these unique reels light and rigid for ultimate castability and maximum durability.
MetaGraf® Frame Alloy
MagicReel technology for Spinning and Low Profile Baitcasting is a superb combination of MagFin™’s vast experience in creating lightweight reels that are durable and very precise. We use the perfect aluminum alloy formula with our unique ultra precise processing and as a result get a reel with great technological advantage without making it more expensive.
MagicReel® Technology
An ultra light, super slim and compact frame construction created by MagFin™ leading engineers that allows for a substantial decrease in size and weight without compromising strength or durability. Designed particularly for our ultra-light spinning reel series EspiraSlim® and CallistoXS®.
Discover a whole new level of reel feedback and sensitivity with the MetaLite Rotor innovation in our Premium Spinning and Low Profile series. This new rotor with graphene composites has a very low center of gravity and weighs 25% less than usual rotors, thus reducing vibrations to a minimum and enhancing the rotational balance.
MetaLite Rotor®
SmartOil® SEAL features a special jelly-like seal based on our special formula of silicone enhanced magnetic oil that provides superb hydro isolation and is designed to keep water away from the spinning reel. SOS®, based on the “intelligent molecules” principle diminishes friction almost completely, providing perfect isolation from water and even the tiniest dust particles. SOS® means no corrosion and a longer life span for your reel.
SmartOil® SEAL
This unique backlash prevention system was designed by MagFin™ top engineers to give you reliable long cast capacity without line twists. B3® System features a considerably larger spool guide of a slightly adjusted shape to make the line wind regularly in consistent even loops to prevent twisting of the line.
Bye-bye Backlash (B3®) System
SOS® Sealed line roller offers unbelievable smooth rotation and line friction that is almost non-existent. The magnetic SmartOil® SEAL forms an isolation barrier which prevents water, dirt and dust particle penetration, which could otherwise restrain the free rotation and drastically increase friction. The SOS® ROLLER is a feature that can be found on MagFin™ premium High-tech Low Profile Baitcasting and Spinning reels.
MagFin™ offers Low Profile Baitcasting and Spinning reels with the most reliable anti-reverse solution on the market. URA® parts are cast from top quality steel alloys with smallest tolerances based on a special corrosion-resistant formula recently developed by our top specialists.
ULTRA Anti-reverse®
Why make good things complicated? MagFin™ believes in simplicity and presents an uncomplicated yet very effective solution for better cast control: an Extra Large cast control knob that is extremely comfortable and beyond simple in use.
XLCast® Solution
TRIPPLE DRAG® Spinning and Low Profile Baitcasting reel technology is an intricate combination of a three-point system integrated in the shaft and both sides of the spool for extra smoothness and overall efficiency. TRIPPLE DRAG® technology is a unique three-gear drag system attached to both surfaces of the spool from within and isolated with a SmartOil® SEAL to ensure fault-proof protection from water/dust penetration and corrosion. Best part is – the complex TRIPPLE DRAG® is securely hidden within the spool shaft for maximum stability – you may not see it, but you sure will feel it.
CorrStop® are waterproof ball bearings with superb corrosion resistance due to the incorporated SOS® isolation technology. Multiple tests in MagFin™ laboratories prove that CorrStop® ensures 20X boost in corrosion resistance compared to usual ball bearings.
CorrStop® Ball Bearings
These ultralight spools from MagFin™ Premium Spinning series will stun you with their increased strength and durability over aluminum or regular graphite spools. MetaLite® is by no means an ordinary graphite spool. Its thin walls and graphene composites make it 25% lighter and perfect for making those longer casts.
MetaLite Spool®
This super corrosion resistant spool provides low startup inertia even when using lightweight baits or lures. Exclusively designed for MagFin™ Low Profile Baitcasting reels, MagicSpool®’s significantly improved casting performance and line control is accomplished through our special MRT® aluminum alloy full-body formula.
Found in most MagFin™ Spinning and Low Profile Baitcasting reels, SMOOTH OSCILLATION® concept implies a special position and direction of machined gearing digitally developed by MagFin™’s research team of top engineers. Embeded in our MRT® aluminium alloy body for a smooth, sleek and silent glide of the oscillation gears, SMOOTH OSCILLATION® system is simply incomparable to usual constructions.
LiteRunner® is a special MagFin™ Spinning reel series for anglers seeking maximum line capacity, performance and durability. Armed with a tough MRT® aluminum alloy frame, SMOOTH OSCILLATION® gearings, corrosion resistant CorrStop® bearings, and the TRIPPLE DRAG® system, these reels are perfectly equipped for a real fish battle. LiteRunner® allows the fish to take the line feeling little or no resistance without involving the original drag system, just by flipping a comfortable little switch. Although especially perfect for carp anglers who have multiple rods in the water, those fishing for bass, trout, crappie, panfish, or walleye will no less be mesmerized by LiteRunner® performance.


Technology Description
RIVERTEX™ introduces ARTEX® reel body material that has a special layer of meta-aramid fiber composite lining for the toughest and most durable reel imaginable. ARTEX® frames are not only strong and light, they are simply excellent in precision alignment and tolerances, resisting more pressure than any other material used. ARTEX® technology implies fully-machined, solid-built, monolithic frames that are virtually devoid of weak points that may cause problems under high stress, like when there's a big fish on the line, making them the most powerful, muscular reels ever made.
An extremely strong and reliable, but much lighter reel especially designed by RIVERTEX™ for our SlimSpinn® spinning reel series. This reel has all the benefits of RIVERTEX™ ARTEX® solid-built reels, but is much lighter due to it’s thinner frame, making it the ultimate reel for spinning.
RIVERTEX™ offers the strongest scratch resistance surface treatment imaginable - diamond polished TCP® finish. Tungsten carbide is a super dense, extremely high modulus material that is approximately two times stiffer than steel. It is comparable with sapphire in hardness and can only be polished with abrasives of superior hardness such as diamond. This option is only available for our premium VorteX®, Helios®, SlimSpinn® and LineGliderZX® series.
Tungsten Carbide Plating® Finish
The RBT® system is a next-generation technology that puts a precise counter-balancing unit within the rotor. This meticulously balanced weight, calculated by our RIVERTEX™ computers completely stops any spool wobble for easy alignment and smooth, effortless cranking.
HydroStop® features a specially developed vacuum-sealed insulated gasket that blocks water, moisture and tiny foreign materials from entering the drag system. The HydroStop® Technology gives you a waterproof all-weather drag system perfect for any conditions.
HydroStop® Technology
RIVERTEX™ top team of professionals engineered a hi-end multi-component system to prevent any backlashes or knots. A special lever-like fixture mounted into the spool side and a reduced loop diameter of line flow means a reduction in friction, thus making longer casts possible. The line flows smoothly without twitching and bouncing, which is made possible through a completely new spool shape to reduce line twist and backlashes. RIVERTEX™ StraighLine® System was exclusively developed for our Spinntex® Spinning reel series.
StraighLine® Anti Backlash
StraighLine Duo® System is a duo-combination of both centrifugal brakes and magnetic cast control for the ultimate anti-backlash capacity with a special module that that makes it adjustable to the spool speed directly during the cast. This unique top-notch system is a synergy of the two anti-backlash systems currently used in reel manufacturing that has all the benefits and none of the drawbacks of both. As a result, you get the anti-backlash power of conventional centrifugal and magnetic brakes at your fingertips by means of a single external control knob. This is what we call technical complexity combined with exterior simplicity. RIVERTEX™ StraighLine Duo® is exclusively developed for our Rondo® Round Baitcasting reel series.
StraighLine Duo® Anti Backlash
RIVERTEX™ developed MegaRoller® Technology for line roller rotation that is smooth like never before. This new technology helps maximize efficiency by placing a HydroStop® waterproof sealed ball bearing right under the line roller, which allow is to roll without friction. Besides a substantial reduction in twists from casting and retrieving, MegaRoller® helps you get the line onto the roller fast with minimum chance of tangles or line cuts.
Backplay? Never heard of it! RIVERTEX™ NBP® anti-reverse allows the reel to go in one direction to eliminate all handle back play often found in most conventional reels. This is achieved by using a corrosion-resistant HydroStop® waterproof sealed roller bearing made of stainless steel. NBP® superbly eliminates backplay providing the angler with rock-solid hookset power.
Found on our new Round Baitcasting, Low Profile and Spinning reels. RIVERTEX™ doubled the cranking leverage by changing the position of the handle closer to the reel body. As a result we eliminated the uncomfortable side slant and wobbling effect that occurs during heavy or deep fish battle. Another great improvement is an easy-access knob right next to the handle for convenient drag adjustment.
EasyDrag™ System
RIVERTEX™ brings you special series of reels with a secondary drag system – the LineGlider® lever. The LineGlider®, a full body ARTEX® reel comes with the powerful EasyDrag® system, TCGears® gearings and HydroStop® corrosion resistant stainless steel bearings can handle nearly any live-bait application. This reel allows the unaware predator to snatch the bait and flee without any resistance thus providing for the perfect hookset with a simple turn of the handle.
Unbelievably durable TCBearings® are constructed from tugsten carbide – a super dense, extremely high modulus material that is approximately two times stiffer than steel. Being a superior alternative to any stainless steel analogs, TCBearings® can be used wherever extreme hardness and wear resistance is required, especially in applications with severe conditions, such as high abrasion and corrosion. RIVERTEX™ TCBearings® bearing technology comes in high-grade stainless steel housing that is fully waterproof with HydroStop® anti corrosion technology.
Tungsten Carbide Bearings®
QuickSpool® spool changing system lets the angler change the spool quick and hassle-free by a simple slide of a lock latch on the other side of the reel handle.
QuickSpool® System
RIVERTEX™ ARTEX Slim® special alloy ultra light spool is incomparably tough and durable in comparison to any regular spool on the market. ArtSpool® provides splendid casting performance and great line control even when using lightweight baits or lures. RIVERTEX™ accomplished this effect through using corrosion resistant ARTEX Slim® unique alloy with meta-aramid fiber composite lining, extremely thin walls, and a special design that moves the mass of the spool closer to the rim.
TCGears® are extremely strong titanium alloy composition gearings coated with tungsten carbide and a special HydroStop® anti-corrosion layer. The result is a super dense, extremely high modulus material that is much stiffer than steel. Being a superior alternative to any stainless steel analogs, TCGears® are built to handle the extreme hardness and brutal wear strains, placed on a reel’s gear system.
Tungsten Carbide Gears®
OvalOscillation® system is a RIVERTEX™ know-how technology that incorporates precisely machined computer shaped elliptical gearings combined with our specially designed position and guidance of the gear wheels, providing impeccable smoothness, high speed and exceptional endurance.
OvalOscillation® System


Doesn’t specialize on any reels in particular, they make simple and affordable spinning reels, without a particular product line based on any special technologies.


Technology Description
U Hybrid Body.png
HybridBody® is a special reel housing technology created by top UL-CHUBER™ engineers that implies a crossover aluminum and graphite hybrid reel body and rotor design. HybridBody® delivers a powerfully smooth and light reel experience combined with maximum efficiency and shock resistance.
U TufGraph.png
UL-CHUBER™ uses a special frame alloy material which is produced from ultra high-rigidity graphite to ensure stiffness with a hint of solidity that virtually eliminates flexing and deformation of the reel body. All reels with rocksolid housing of the TuffGraph® frame alloy body boast enhanced impact resistance, thus ensuring much greater overall efficiency throughout the reel.
U HelixSpoon.png
HelixSpool® is a unique patented spool technology designed by UL-CHUBER™ leading engineers, that focuses on a special cone-like spool shape with a precisely curved graphite arbor lip. Through this innovative design it became possible for the line to leave the spool with maximum ease and minimum friction resulting in longer and more precise casts.
U UniRotor.png
UL-CHUBER™ top specialists engineered a computerized rotor balancing method which enables to counterbalance rotor weight during retrieves uniformly on all sides and reduce wobble and vibration to a minimum. As a result of this innovative solution, UniRotor® increases sensitivity and smoothness, thus enhancing the reel’s overall performance.
U AquaStop.png
Using special neoprene rubber gaskets with silicone lining, UL-CHUBER™ technologists managed to create a completely waterproof drag system that is 100% protected from even the slightest permeation of water. As a result, you get a reel drag that is always dependable and unfailing in performance, whatever the conditions.
U TelePort.png
One of UL-CHUBER™ most prized technologies, the TelePort®, is a unique oscillation system with a smart mechanism that allows smooth and gradual wrapping of line to ensure optimal oscillation speed. This substantially saves energy during the cast and provides outstandingly uniform line lay.

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Technology Description
12345 FaBula®.png
This technology has a lot to say about the quality protection of your coil! It includes a StopWet® moisture-proof insulating gasket, AntiRust® anti-corrosion bearings, as well as additional FullCover® protection of all gears and mechanisms from dust, sand, and salt!
12346 FaBallance®.png
This technology of perfect rotor balance completely eliminates any vibrations or beats, which translates into excellent speed and quality of the winding, and also ensures durability and ease of use.
12347 OST®.png
OST® is a system for instantly releasing the spool and returning it to its previous braking force with a single switch. A special roller bearing instantly blocks the reverse movement of the spool.
12348 DoubleTooth®.png
Doubling the number of teeth on each gear in the spool mechanism ensures a smooth flow and increases the wear resistance of the gears.


Technology Description
12351 3D-BN®.png
A special boron nitride coating ensures incredible strength, durability, and maximum wear resistance of a coated part. That is why this technology is mainly used for clutches, spools, and other reel mechanisms.
12354 TatsumakiLite®.png
The Tatsumaki technology (meaning "tornado" in Japanese) is applied to high power coils. The spool, rotor, and friction clutch parts are made of ultra-lightweight, wear-resistant titanium-tungsten alloy, using a diamond burnishing method, and are perfectly matched for high-speed winding.