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So you think you’re a pro when it comes to fishing with a spinning rod? Then this competition is for you! Travel to sunny Africa and try your hand at catching all forms of the Nile Perch to prove your skill. The angler with the largest difference between the smallest and largest Perch caught will be the winner. Enter the competition, and if you win, you can rightfully call yourself the Emperor of the Nile!

  • Catch all forms of Nile Perch.
  • Use only Spinning tackle to catch the fish.
  • Boats usage during the competition is allowed.
  • Rod stand usage during the competition is prohibited.
  • The goal is to get a maximum weight difference between the smallest and the largest fish in your Keepnet at the end of the Competition.
  • The secondary score is based on the biggest single fish caught!

Scoring Time 60 min
Preconditions Minimum Level
Min icon.png
Maximum Level
Max icon.png
Entry Fee 2500 Credits.png
REWARDS Prize Fund 356399 Credits.png 16 Baitcoins.png
1st Place 121500 Credits.png 10 Baitcoins.png
2nd Place 81000 Credits.png 5 Baitcoins.png
3nd Place 40500 Credits.png 1 Baitcoins.png
You can get one of the following items: 3158.pngX-Series Barbless Narrow Spoon 1/4 Oz. (7 g), #1/0

11104.pngX-Series Ribbed Shad 6" (15 cm)

11091.pngX-Series Fluoro .034" (0.87 mm)

11102.pngX-Series Flat Spoon 1 1/2 Oz. (42 g), #6/0

11101.pngX-Series Offset Hook #14/0

Other rewards are distributed between 4th and 10th places