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What is a Fishing Planet?

Fishing Planet is a unique and highly realistic online first-person multiplayer fishing simulator developed by avid fishing enthusiasts for anglers to bring you the full thrill of actual angling! Choose your lures, make your trophy catches, discover new possibilities and sharpen your real angling skills anywhere, anytime with your friends! The game is FREE to play and just a download away! Fishing Planet® isn’t just another game about fishing. Stunning eye-candy graphics, superb hydro and aerodynamics, realistic tackle behavior and damage based on actual simulation physics and, most importantly, fish with artificial intelligence for completely lifelike behavior make this a true-to-life fishing simulator that can help you improve your actual angling skills! The combination of unique graphics, realistic game physics and sophisticated AI will bring the realistic world of fishing directly to your screen.

Key features
  • 170+ species of fish, each with its unique behavior and AI. + Event Fish
  • 23 (+1) scenic waterways with multiple locations, various climatic conditions, bottom terrains and vegetation.
  • Three types of fishing - float, spinning and bottom.
  • Thousands of tackle combinations with unique physical and hydrodynamic properties.
  • Kayaks and 3 types of different motorboats boats: metal boats, rubber boats, and bass boats that have unique speed, durability, parameters, and features.
  • Superb dynamic water graphics with ripples and surface that changes depending on wind, current and depth.
  • Weather – day/night alternation, change of seasons, different weather conditions (rain, fog, bright sunshine)
  • Multiplayer capacity – online tournaments with personal and team scores, system of achievements, leader boards and top-player lists.
What makes us different
  • Complex AI system for fish behavior that correlates with seasonal and climatic change, time of day, speed of water current, bottom contour and type (color and structure), water and air temperature, wind, etc. Biting/striking reactions for each fish species are completely realistic and natural as well as specifics of lure attacks.
  • Photo-realistic graphics – using latest high-end tools for ultimate photo-realism: photogrammetry, all waterways are based on real location.
  • Unique system of game physics and realistic tackle damage – rods, lines and reels break according to their actual individual characteristics. Realistic aero and hydrodynamic environment for lures and retrieves.
  • Dynamic water graphics – splashes, waves and ripples on the water create a fully realistic fishing atmosphere.
  • Weather – change of conditions depending on location, season and time of day. Possibility of sudden rain or sunshine breaking through the clouds.




Current Patch Notes

PC and Linux

Version: 4.0.0

Released - 30 November 2021

  • This Patch includes:
    • New location: Congo River, Africa.
    • New level cap
    • 17 unique African fish
    • New tackles
    • New competitions and achievements
    • Graphics optimization and Graphics improvements
    • Bugfix.
  • New maximum level increased up to 80.
  • Congo river access level - 75
  • Welcome Congo River!
    • We are happy to announce that now you can enjoy fishing in the heart of Africa - Congo River! Welcome 7 unique locations with 17 species of unique African fish, which can’t be found anywhere else in the world, a bunch of new tackles and baits, unique African flora, and fauna, that will bring your fishing experience to a new level!
  • You can explore the variety of the Congo River on 7 locations
    • Cable Ferry
    • Waterfall Roar
    • Local School
    • Wild Islands
    • Bomuna Settlement
    • Forgotten Village
    • Hanging Bridges
  • Congo River unique fish

-Goliath Tigerfish

-African Tigerfish

-Nile Perch

-Cornish Jack

-African Pike

-African Sharptooth Catfish

-Vundu Catfish

-Kamba Catfish

-Giraffe Catfish

-African Big Eye Catfish

-Congo Yellowfish

-Rednose Labeo

-Purple Labeo

-Banded Tilapia

-Nile Tilapia

-Bulldog Fish

-Elephant Fish

  • Unique African flora and fauna
    • African Sedge

-Now you can see with your own eyes the amazing landscapes and pristine areas of wilderness, inhabited by buffaloes, hippos, and, of course, African crocodiles.

  • New Tackle:
    • Tackle boxes and outfit: Safe&Sound™ , Sturdy™, StrongBox™ and Safari Pro Vest
  • New Rods:
    • NileChasseur™ , EquatorMatch™, Mokonzi™
  • New Reels:
    • GiantSpin™, L'impulsion™, Fileur™
  • Unique baits:
    • African Giant Water Bug, Caddis Larva, Banana Bread, Buffalo Kidneys, Small Tilapia, Canned Meat
    • Flat Spoon
    • Minnow Grub
    • Ribbed Shad
  • Explore Congo with New Missions!
    • Congo Nightly Hunt: Flat Spoon
    • Congo River Exploration I
    • Congo Trial
    • Congo River Catfish
    • Congo River Catfish Trophies
  • Improve your angling skills with New Achievements:
    • Congo Vagabond
    • Congo Chercheur
    • Congo Vainqueur
  • Graphics optimization:
    • Graphics performance accelerated with memory requirements reduced.
    • Game stability has been improved on large waterways such as Alaska, Amazonian Maze, and Akhtuba River.
  • Graphics improvements include:
    • New visual effects added,
    • Sunset and sunrise graphics improved,
    • Automatic tone compensation added,
    • Automatic exposure compensation added.
  • Bugfix
    • Casting mode and flashlight mode on controller сhanged
    • Buoy functionality fixed
    • Friends tab functionality fixed
    • Messages delivery to chat from friends fixed
    • Messages duplication in chat fixed
    • Items display in the backpack on the local map fixed
    • Mission task display fixed
    • Flashlight usability on the location fixed
    • Boat buy window fixed
    • Character graphics while using reel fixed
    • Items duplication in inventory fixed
    • Display of the expiration date of pondpasses fixed
    • Path to Fishing Planet log file for some operating systems fixed
    • Photo mode improvements
    • License expiration display fixed
    • Improvement of the display of the "Buy" button
    • Tooltips for gamepad fixed
    • UGC window fixed
    • Functionality of receiving rewards fixed
    • Gamepad functionality in UGC fixed
    • Achievements displaying fixed
    • Switching game modes fixed
    • Items display in the store fixed
    • Licenses display in the store fixed