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Whatever you do in the game, from travelling to fishing locations to buying bait, tackle or equipment, it'll require money. Currently, there are two in-game currencies: credits and baitcoins.

Credits are the basic currency, used for almost any transaction. For now, based exclusively on your playing skills, there are three ways to fill your wallet with credits:

- Catch fish. All fish from big to small, except unique sized ones, are worth credits. All you need to do is to catch and keep the fish until the end of the fishing session. That's why the first indispensable thing is a fish keeper - stringer or keepnet. You can see the value of a certain fish by looking into your fish keepnet during the fishing sessions. At the end of every session all fish from your keepnet are automatically sold and a balance window is displayed, showing you how much you earned and how much you spent during that particular session. Also, on the header of inventory or map page, you can always see your current balance. Your should always manage your money wisely to avoid getting broke and unable to pay for new fishing trips. This is especially important at early experience levels.

- Fulfill achievements. Fulfilling an achievement gives you credits. You can see the exact amount of reward for each of them in achievements page.

- Daily bonus. You get a small daily bonus at the start of every calendar day of fishing, which increases for visiting the game up to 5 days in a row: 30 credits for Day 1, 45 credits for Day 2, 75 credits for Day 3, 150 credits for Day 4. On Day 5 you receive 1 Baitcoin (see details bellow). And then the counter resets and you start again with day 1.

- Convert baitcoins. You can convert baitcoins (see details bellow) to credits, at an exchange rate of 100 credits for 1 baitcoins.

Baitcoins are a special currency used for buying exclusive tackle, baits or equipment. You can earn them:

- Buy for real money. You can buy them from Premium Shop (see packages and prices on the following table).

- Fulfill achievements. Fulfilling an achievement gives you a small number of baitcoins. You can see the exact amount of reward for each of them in achievements page.

- Day 5 bonus. If you play the game for a consecutive 5 days in a row, in the fifth day you will receive 1 baitcoin as bonus.

If you need supplemental amounts for buying tackle or fishing licenses, pay for travel fees, fines or permanent relocation you can buy for real money one of the following Money Packs:

Content Price
50 baitcoins 2.69 Euro
100 baitcoins 5.39 Euro
300 baitcoins 13.49 Euro
600 baitcoins 26.99 Euro
1090 baitcoins 44.99 Euro
2330 89.99 Euro


  • The table contains prices and packages contents as for 15 April 2019 and may be subject to change.
  • Prices may be different according to your currency and Steam exchange rates.