How to create a permanent firewall rule on Windows® 7 built-in firewall

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Step 1: Open Control Panel and click on Windows Firewall:


Step 2: On Windows Firewall page, click on "Advanced settings" link:


Step 3: You need to define and create rules for FISHING PLANET software. For that, click on "Inbound rules" link, in the upper-left corner of firewall configuration window:


Step 4: A new rule is required, so click on "New Rule" link:


Step 5: A creation wizard opens. The easiest way to create a rule for a program, is to choose "Program" and click on "Next" button:


Step 6: It's time to select the desired program, in our case FISHING PLANET. You can do that by clicking on "Browse" button and selecting FISHING PLANET application from the folder where you installed the game. After you do that, you should see in program path box the FishingPlanet.exe file, along with full path. When you see that, click on "Next" button:


Step 7: Of course, you want to allow the game to access the servers, so check "Allow the connection" and click on "Next" button:


Step 8: You have to choose a name for the newly created rule, so go with anything suits you. Close the wizard by clicking on "Finish" button:


Step 9: In the list of permanent inbound rules, you should see the new rule, under the name chosen at Step 8:


You created an inbound rule that allows the game servers to transmit data to your computer. Now, you need to create an outbound rule that allow your computer to send data to game server. For that, repeat steps 3 - 8, choosing "Outbound rules".

If you're using another firewall software, like the one integrated in your anti-virus or Internet Security suite, read the help files for it and proceed accordingly.