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Sinker and Feeders


UL-CHUBER™ Flat Feeder

This flat method feeder from UL-CHUBER™ is the ultimate choice for carp fishing! This type of feeder always has its base sink to the bottom first, making the bait stay on top. Its aerodynamic shape has proven to be highly effective by providing increased casting distance and improved accuracy in any weather conditions. Choose from a variety of sizes.

Weight (Oz.) 1 3/4 2 1/8 2 1/2 2 5/6 3 1/5 3 5/9
(g) 50 60 70 80 90 100
Material Plastic, Metal
Type Flat Method
Capacity Medium High X High
Price 200 Credits.png 240 Credits.png 270 Credits.png 300 Credits.png 350 Credits.png 420 Credits.png
Required level 34 38 42 46 48 50


As prize for special events or as part from special bundles, you can find unique or rare flat feeders. They are listed bellow:

Sinker and Feeders