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Lone Star Invisible LineLevel 13

Fish out 5 bits of old backlash from the bottom of Lone Star Lake and make your own invisible line that’ll be thin and murky enough to trick into biting a sharp-sighted monster like the Mad-Eye Buffalo!

1.Travel to Lone Star Lake
2.Catch underwater items - Backlashes and put them in the Backpack
Invisible Line 4842.png

Lone Star Mad-Eye Buffalo MonsterLevel 13

Now that you’ve got some Invisible Line, try to catch the legendary Mad-Eye Buffalo! It might take you quite a few tries to reel in the heavyweight 11 lb (5 kg) Mad-Eye Buffalo without breaking the old and frail line! The monster lives around the middle of the lake and eats mostly in the early morning or the middle of the day depending on the weather.

1.Equip Invisible Line on Telescopic or Match float rod
2.Catch the Monster
770 XP, 2158 Credits.png, 2 Baitcoins.png, Mad-Eye Buffalo Mount 7115.png

Mudwater Dendro SpoonLevel 14

Fish out 5 bits of Tree Bark from Mudwater River to craft a special wooden lure that’ll be a super tasty treat for the wood-hungry Dendrofin!

1.Travel to Mudwater River
2.Catch underwater items - Tree barks and put them in the Backpack
Dendro Spoon 1/2 Oz.(14 g), #3/0 4793.png

Mudwater Dendrofin MonsterLevel 14

You did a great job fishing out that old tree bark, and now got yourself a special wooden Dendro Spoon that you can use for catching the monstrous Dendrofin! But don’t underestimate this monster’s strength based on its vegan lifestyle: the Dendrofin is one powerful beast about 13 lb (6 kg) that will stir up quite a fight! This Monster eats only in the middle of the day and night for one hour only

1.Equip Dendro Spoon
2.Catch the Monster
1130 XP, 3110 Credits.png, 2 Baitcoins.png, Dendrofin Mount 7117.png

Emerald FrankenbaitLevel 18

Catch 4 different species of Pike that can be found in Emerald Lake to make a unique cutbait that will be irresistible to the fine dining preferences of the blood-thirsty vengeful Pikeslasher!

1.Travel to Emerald Lake
2.Catch Redfin Pickerel
3.Catch Grass Pickerel
4.Catch Chain Pickerel
5.Catch Northern Pike
Frankenbait Frankenbait.png

Emerald Pikeslasher MonsterLevel 18

Look at that! You could easily apply for the MasterChef contest with that delicious Frankenbait you prepared out of a variety of freshly cut Pike meat! Try catching the ferocious Pikeslasher 22 lb (10 kg) using this yummy delicacy as bait. No doubt, this vengeful Pike-hungry monster will give your cooking the highest score!

1.Equip Frankenbait on Telescopic or Match float rod
2.Catch the Monster
1710 XP, 3775 Credits.png, 2 Baitcoins.png, Pikeslasher Mount 7121.png

Rocky Turtle SpoonLevel 16

Catch 3 Turtles and carefully get a small bit of their shells to make the prehistoric Turtle Spoon. The Turtles will come to no serious harm, but this is an absolutely necessary sacrifice for catching the ferocious T-Rex Trout that are endangering all living creatures of Rocky Lake, including the entire Turtle population!

1.Travel to Rocky Lake
2.Catch Turtles
Turtle Spoon 1/4 Oz. (7 g), #1/0 4846.png

Rocky Tyrannotrout MonstersLevel 16

Awesome! Now that you have a unique Turtle Spoon prehistoric lure, you can become a real hero and save the entire ecosystem of Rocky Lake by ridding it of the monstrous T-Rex Trout that are devouring everything in sight! It’s all or nothing: you have to catch every last one of this razor-toothed mesozoic monster pack.

1.Equip Turtle Spoon
2.Catch all the Monsters
1690 XP, 3380 Credits.png, 2 Baitcoins.png, Tyrannotrout Mount 7119.png

Neherrin Skull BaitLevel 20

Rumor has it, that a monstrous Eldergar has been spotted in Neherrin, and it can be caught only with the special bait. Catch 5 American Shad to create a special unique Skull Bait using their heads. As strange as this bait might sound, it appears to be only way to attract Eldergar’s attention.

1.Travel to Neherrin River
2.Catch American Shad
Skull Bait Skull Bait.png

Neherrin Eldergar MonsterLevel 20

After catching American Shad for making a unique Skull Bait, you are prepared to hunt down Eldergar weighting almost 55 lb (25 kg), the oldest and the heaviest Longnose Gar ever! But who cares, when surely, you’re after the thrill and fun of it.

1.Equip Skull Bait on Telescopic or Match float rod
2.Catch the Monster
1970 XP, 3960 Credits.png, 2 Baitcoins.png, Eldergar Mount 7123.png

Falcon Brown Trout EggsLevel 24

Rumor has it, that a monstrous Rainbow Outlaw has been spotted in Falcon, and it can be caught only with the special bait. Catch 3 Brown Trout and get enough eggs to create a special bait that you can use to catch the Rainbow Outlaw - a huge, genetically modified escapee that has taken quite a taste to Brown Trout Eggs.

1.Travel to Falcon Lake
2.Catch Brown Trout
Brown Trout Eggs Brown Trout Eggs.png

Falcon Rainbow Outlaw MonsterLevel 24

Time to catch the Rainbow Outlaw weighting up to 55 lb (25 kg)! You already have enough Brown Trout Eggs to meet the high dietary standards and attract this fishy fugitive, so get some of your sturdiest tackle and prepare for a tough battle with this genetically modified monster!

1.Equip Brown Trout Eggs on Telescopic or Match float rod
2.Catch the Monster
2640 XP, 5617 Credits.png, 2 Baitcoins.png, Rainbow Outlaw Mount 7443.png

Everglades Bassy BaitLevel 28

Rumor has it, that a Terror Tarpon has been spotted in Everglades, and it can be caught only with the special bait. Catch 5 small specimen of Largemouth Bass, weighting under 1 lb (0,5 kg) to make a special live bait for catching the insanely vicious Terror Tarpon and stop it from damaging the ecosystem of the local wetlands.

1.Travel to Everglades
2.Catch Largemouth Bass less than 1 lb (0,5 kg)
Bassy Bait Bassy Bait.png

Everglades Terror Tarpon MonsteLevel 28

Time to put an end to the Terror Tarpon’s mayhem! This viciously hostile outsider weighting just about 44 lb (20 kg) came from the open waters of Atlantic and is now terrorizing the fish population of these peaceful wetlands. Hurry up and catch this aggressive thug using the Bassy Bait you made earlier before it devours every last Largemouth in sight!

1.Equip Bassy Bait on Telescopic or Match float rod
2.Catch the Monster
3120 XP, 6556 Credits.png, 2 Baitcoins.png, Terror Tarpon Mount 7444.png

White Moose Voodoo ShellsLevel 32

Rumor has it, that a Voodoo Fish has been spotted in White Moose, and it can be caught only with the special bait. Fish out 5 Shells from the bottom of White Moose Lake to create a special bait, that according to old Native American manuscripts, was used by the wise shamans of northern tribes to summon the Voodoo Fish from it’s depth!

1.Travel to White Moose Lake
2.Catch Shells and put them in the Backpack
Voodoo Shells Voodoo Shells.png

White Moose Voodoo Fish MonsterLevel 32

According to an old Native American legend, the Voodoo Fish weighting over 40 lb (18 kg) comes out of its abysmal hideout only when Earth and Moon are in specific alignment with Kullat Nunu, the brightest star in the Pisces constellation. Use the special Voodoo Shells as bait to summon this mysterious fish and prepare for a tough fight!

1.Equip Voodoo Shells on Telescopic or Match float rod
2.Catch the Monster
4470 XP, 7752 Credits.png, 2 Baitcoins.png, Voodoo Fish Mount 7445.png

Quanchkin Zombie BaitLevel 34

Rumor has it, that a Zombie Cat has been spotted in Quanchkin, and it can be caught only with the special bait. Catch 5 large specimen of Gar weighting over 40 lb (20 kg) and get the half-digested bird hatchlings from their stomachs to create a special super freaky bait for attracting the Zombie Cat! Ugh, gross.

1.Travel to Quanchkin Lake
2.Catch Alligator Gar more then 40 lb (20 kg)
Zombie Bait Zombie Bait.png

Quanchkin Zombie Cat MonsterLevel 34

After putting much effort into catching those powerful Gars, you finally have the bait to distract the scavenging Zombie Cat from devouring all things dead. Use the Zombie Bait to catch this monster more than 88 lb (40 kg) to finally stop it from spreading the putrid smell around the premises of Quanchkin Lake. Witnesses reported seeing him near the huts.

1.Equip Zombie Bait on Telescopic or Match float rod
2.Catch the Monster
5720 XP, 8905 Credits.png, 2 Baitcoins.png, Zombie Cat Mount 7446.png

Saint-Croix Golem LureLevel 36

Arthur Smith, a white-bearded local angler, seems to have figured out how to get the Muskie Golem’s attention. Arthur is too old and weary to catch the monster himself, but is willing to give you his secret Golem Lure in exchange for fishing out old Backlashes that contain his favorite spoons which he lost over the years while fishing.

1.Travel to Saint-Croix Lake
2.Catch Backlashes with rusty spoons and put them in the Backpack
Golem Lure 1 Oz. (28 g), #8/0 4854.png

Saint-Croix Muskie Golem MonsterLevel 36

You helped the old angler find his long-lost spoons, and in return, he gave you a special secret Golem Lure that he once used on the Muskie Golem. That day the monster indeed took the bait, but then managed to get off the hook. Now you have a unique chance to try and catch this legendary 75 lb (35 kg) monster!

1.Equip Golem Lure
2.Catch the Monster
7020 XP, 9724 Credits.png, 2 Baitcoins.png, Muskie Golem Mount 7447.png

San Joaquin Gourmet SpoonLevel 38

Rumor has it, that a Gourmet Bass has been spotted in San Joaquin, and it can be caught only with the special lure. Fish out 5 Shells from the bottom of San Joaquin Delta and create a special Spoon that will resemble the Gourmet Bass’s favorite dish. The overweight monster simply won’t resist giving it a taste!

1.Travel to San Joaquin Delta
2.Catch Shells and put them in the Backpack
Gourmet Spoon 1 Oz. (28 g), #5/0 4856.png

San Joaquin Gourmet Bass MonsterLevel 38

With the special handmade Gourmet Spoon to resemble the fatty monster’s favorite treat, you can be sure of getting the desired bite. But that’s only half the task. Make sure your tackle is sturdy enough to handle and safely reel in this overweight 66 lb (30 kg) foodie!

1.Equip Gourmet Spoon
2.Catch the Monster
8730 XP, 10612 Credits.png, 2 Baitcoins.png, Gourmet Striped Bass Mount 7448.png

Kaniq Caviar BaitLevel 40

Rumor has it, that a Albino Blackfish has been spotted in Kaniq, and it can be caught only with the special bait. Catch every kind of Salmon found in the Kaniq Creek, Dolly Varden and Bull Trout and get enough Salmon Eggs to create a special Caviar Bait for attracting the mutated Albino Blackfish!

1.Travel to Kaniq Creek
2.Catch Chinook Salmon
Caviar Bait Caviar Bait.png

Kaniq Creek Albino Blackfish MonsterLevel 40

Save the Salmon! Albino Blackfish are fierce little fish infected by radiation from an accidental spill of hazardous waste and are now seriously endangering the population of Salmon by devouring their unhatched eggs! Use the special Caviar Bait and prepare for a real Battle Royale as you catch this mutated white-colored monster!

1.Equip Caviar Bait on Telescopic or Match float rod
2.Catch all the Monsters
10820 XP, 11475 Credits.png, 2 Baitcoins.png, Albino Blackfish Mount 7449.png

Lesní Víla Pike Fins LureLevel 12

The Lesni Vila pond is being terrorized by a horrific fish monster - the ferocious Perch Bully! This huge Perch is relentlessly devouring all Pike it can bite its teeth into, and soon there may be none left! But to catch the monster, you’ll have to sacrifice a few more Pike - because the Perch Bully will only bite if you use Pike Fins Lure!

1.Travel to Lesní Víla
2.Catch and keep Pikes < 1.1 Lb (0.5 kg)
Pike Fins Spoon 1/6 Oz. (5 g), #2/0 7761.png

Lesní Víla Perch Bully MonsterLevel 12

It’s time to get out your sturdiest tackle and conquer the feisty Perch Bully to save the entire ecosystem of this lovely little pond! This monster is quite hard to find - so make sure to look in the pond’s most remote spots.

1.Equip Pike Fins Lure
2.Catch the Monster
920 XP, 2466 Credits.png, 2 Baitcoins.png, Perch Bully Mount 7732.png

Ghent-Terneuzen Eel Doll BaitLevel 22

A frightful monster known as the Cannibal Eel was spotted in the Ghent–Terneuzen Canal! This abnormally aggressive fish seems to have developed a liking for the flesh of its own kind. The only way to legally stop the beast is by using an artificial lure that would look like its favorite meal. And to create a lure of utmost semblance, you must first catch and release a few Eel, since keeping these fish is prohibited by law.

1.Travel to Ghent-Terneuzen
2.Catch and release Eels
Eel Doll Bait Eel Doll Bait.png

Ghent-Terneuzen Eel Cannibal MonsterLevel 22

Smuggled into peaceful European waters from far-away exotic lands, the Cannibal Eel is now heartlessly hunting down all other Eel and decimating their population! This monster has to be stopped. You’ll have to use an artificial lure that resembles the Cannibal’s favorite prey, while making sure to harm no other Eel! Here’s a tip: try fishing near the bridge to catch the monster.

1.Equip Eel Doll Bait
2.Catch the Monster
2270 XP, 4475 Credits.png, 2 Baitcoins.png, Eel Cannibal Mount 7733.png

Tiber Dark Hornwort Fiber LineLevel 30

The beautiful Tiber River is terrorized by a monstrous form of European Grayling with a temper so malicious that it has turned its color to dark, almost black! No use trying to catch this specimen using ordinary line - better make your own out of natural weed fibers that you can fish out of the water. Try getting some aquatic vegetation from holes and crevices by the river dam.

1.Travel to Tiber
2.Catch and keep: Dark Hornwort
Dark Hornwort Fiber Line 7742.png

Tiber Grayling Wrestler MonsterLevel 30

You can catch the darkest and most terrifying fish monster only using a special line made of natural fibers! Not only will you save this waterway’s ecosystem by conquering the fishy devil, but you’ll be making a real contribution to science! Make sure to try fishing near the rocks and use the lures that any Grayling would bite on!

1.Equip Dark Hornwort Fiber Line
2.Catch the Monster
3580 XP, 7245 Credits.png, 2 Baitcoins.png, Grayling Wrestler Mount 7734.png

Sander Baggersee Drowned MouseLevel 44

A huge fat-bellied catfish monster called the Black Whisker has been spotted in Sander Baggersee Lake! Rumor has it, this overweight mutant is so insatiable that it’ll eat anything dead or alive! To put an end to this foodsie’s nightmare, try making a special bait out of drowned mice that you can collect in aquatic shrubs not far from Southern Docks.

1.Travel to Sander Baggersee
2.Catch and keep Drowned Mice
Drowned Mouse Drowned Mouse.png

Sander Baggersee Black Whisker MonsterLevel 44

Now that you’ve got the Drowned Mouse bait, time to hunt down the notorious Black Whisker! Make sure to use the sturdiest and most powerful tackle you have - as the size and strength of this humongous monster are unfathomable! And make sure to fish around deep holes and crevices not far from where you found the dead mice!

1.Equip Drowned Mouse Bait
2.Catch the Monster
11900 XP, 12638 Credits.png, 2 Baitcoins.png, Black Whisker Mount 7737.png

Akhtuba Fishbone HookLevel 47

A legendary monster called the Leviathan Sturgeon was spotted in the farthest reaches of Akhtuba River! How this fantastic creature got here remains a mystery. It is however known that if you use ordinary hooks, this picky giant won’t bite. Catch a large Pike to make a special Fishbone Hook and conquer the underwater monster!

1.Travel to Akhtuba
2.Catch a Pike > 9 kg(20 Lb)
Fishbone Hook 7750.png

Akhtuba Sturgeon Leviathan MonsterLevel 47

A special Fishbone Hook should be enough to trick the overly cautious Leviathan Sturgeon into biting! Do keep in mind the incredible size of this legendary monster and use the most powerful tackle you can get. But as far as bait goes - any Sturgeon treats should do the trick!

1.Equip Fishbone Hook
2.Catch the Monster
12940 XP, 13520 Credits.png, 2 Baitcoins.png, Sturgeon Leviathan Mount 7738.png

Weeping Willow Stomach GroundbaitLevel 52

The Weeping Willow fisheries are being terrorized by a monstrous Colossus Carp! To trick this giant into biting, you’ll have to catch some Unique Carp from these lakes and use their intestines as Groundbait!

1.Travel to Weeping Willow
2.Catch and keep: Unique Common Carp
3.Catch and keep: Unique Mirror Carp
4.Catch and keep: Unique Leather Carp
5.Catch and keep: Unique Ghost Carp
6.Catch and keep: Unique Grass Carp
7.Catch and keep: Unique Hybrid F1 Carp
Stomach Groundbait 7746.png

Weeping Willow Carp Colossus MonsterLevel 52

Now that you have the specially crafted unique groundbait, catching the monstrous Colossus Carp is only a matter of time, patience and, of course, the right tackle! Look for the monster near deep underwater holes!

1.Equip Stomach Groundbait
2.Catch the Monster
13540 XP, 16653 Credits.png, 2 Baitcoins.png, Carp Colossus Mount 7739.png

Blue Crab Island Crawfish Claws JigLevel 56

There are reports of a terrifying monster fish somewhere around the Blue Crab Island — those who claim to have seen it call it the Ghost Peacock Bass and say it is only visible at night. Not only does the monster scare all other fish away, but it also has a taste for crab claws, as many crabs were found nearby with their claws brutally chewed off. Perhaps, making a special jig lure from Crab Claws should be enough to catch the spook and put an end to this terror!

1.Travel to Blue Crab Island
2.Catch Blue Crabs
Crawfish Claws Jig 21 g(3/4 Oz.), #6/0 7764.png

Blue Crab Island Ghost Peacock Bass MonsterLevel 56

Time to test just how effective your newly made Claw Jig is! Let’s go and find out what’s all the fuss around that Ghost Peacock Bass - is it a real paranormal phenomenon, a mutated anomaly or simply a legend, created to attract more tourists? To find out the truth, look for the Ghost in one of the small bays.

1.Equip Crawfish Claws Jig
2.Catch the Monster
15120 XP, 18227 Credits.png, 2 Baitcoins.png, Ghost Peacock Bass Mount 7736.png

Maku-Maku - Fishtooth HookLevel 58

The local tribes are eager to rid the lake of the Elusive Arapaima, an ancient monster that has long lived in Lake Maku-Maku. They told you a legend about an evil spirit that tears fishing nets and tackle, and can smell regular hooks a mile away. Only the most courageous angler will be able to deal with this monster, armed with a special hook made from the teeth of predatory fish. Catch Payaras and Biaras and use their teeth to create this hook.

1.Travel to Maku-Maku
2.Catch Trophy or Unique Biara
3.Catch Unique Payara
Fishtooth Hook 11305.png

Maku-Maku - Elusive ArapaimaLevel 58

Great! Now that you have the Fishtooth Hook, it's time to help the locals get rid of the ancient monster. Equip the Fishtooth Hook and search for the Elusive Arapaima in the habitats of its kind.

1.Equip Fishtooth Hook
2.Catch the Monster
16966 XP, 20946 Credits.png, 2 Baitcoins.png, Elusive Arapaima Mount 11290.png

Marron — Speaker SinkerLevel 63

Science knows about fish that can produce rather loud sounds, but now they’ve discovered a fish species that can literally growl! Ichthyologists will be very grateful if you can help catch all types of Catfish in the Marron River in order to find out the source of this roar.

1.Travel to Marron river
2.Catch Flatwhiskered Catfish 10 lb (4.5 kg)+
3.Catch Gilded Catfish 100 lb (45 kg)+
4.Catch Redtail Catfish 100 lb (45 kg)+
5.Catch Ripsaw Catfish 16.5 lb (7.5 kg)+
6.Catch Sorubim 17.6 lb (8 kg)+
Speaker Sinker 11307.png

Marron — Wailing CatfishLevel 63

Research has shown that a huge Wailing Catfish has taken up residence in this reservoir. To attract the monster, use the Speaker Sinker made by ichthyologists. Follow the sounds traveling across the water to find the Catfish’s habitat.

1.Equip Speaker Sinker
2.Catch the Monster
17992 XP, 22587 Credits.png, 2 Baitcoins.png, Wailing Catfish Mount 11292.png

Amazonian Maze - Caiman SwimLevel 68

The Indians of the local tribe are asking for your help and protection from the Fighter Shark, which has taken up a habit of attacking the caimans, who have been revered as deities since ancient times. Hurry to the pond, catch and release some caymans to get the Caiman Swimbait and earn the blessing of the local Totem!

1.Travel to Amazonian Maze
2.Catch Black Caiman
3.Get the blessing of a local totem at the Acanga location
Caiman Swimbait 2 3/5 Oz.(80 g), #10/0 11309.png

Amazonian Maze - Fighter SharkLevel 68

So, you now have the Caiman Swimbait! Now all you have to do is find the habitat of Bull Sharks and fight the terror of all the caimans in the Amazonian Maze - the Fighter Shark. May the spirit of Cuca Crocodile help you!

1.Equip Caiman Swimbait
2.Catch the Monster
19518 XP, 26384 Credits.png, 2 Baitcoins.png, Fighter Shark Mount 11291.png

South America - Electrical LeaderLevel 68

Watch out! An evil robotics genius has released some mechanized Cyber Piranhas into the lakes of South America. Their teeth are covered in adamant and can easily bite through any tackle. You’ll have to turn the Piranhas off with a powerful electrical discharge. To do this, catch Electric Eels to charge up a special Electric Leader!

1.Travel to Amazonian Maze
2.Catch Electric Eel (5)
Electrical Leader 11316.png

South America - Adamant LeaderLevel 68

You have a difficult task in front of you: catch all the Cyber Piranhas in the lakes of South America! Use their spare parts to create a unique Adamant Leader, which is no match for Mega Piranhas, the new creatures of the evil genius! Equip the Electrical Leader and go into battle! Remember that Cyber Piranhas are more active in the dark.

1.Equip Electrical Leader
2.Maku-Maku - Catch Сyber Piranha (21)
3.Marron - Catch Сyber Piranha (27)
4.Amazonian Maze - Catch Сyber Piranha (33)
Adamant Leader 11295.png

South America - Mega PiranhaLevel 68

You now have the only tackle that can’t be damaged by the jaws of the Mega Piranha! This fish is an enhanced modification of the Cyber Piranha with adamant teeth and unpredictable behavior. Equip the Adamant Leader, but be extremely careful, because you never know at which pier in the muddy waters the Mega Piranha is waiting for a careless angler!

1.Equip Adamant Leader
2.Maku-Maku - Catch Mega Piranha
3.Marron - Catch Mega Piranha
4.Amazonian Maze - Catch Mega Piranha
22046 XP, 29355 Credits.png, 2 Baitcoins.png, Mega Piranha Mount 11293.png

Selenge River - Water voleLevel 48

Some women from a nearby nomadic camp are asking for your help. They are afraid that the Taimen-Khan will drag their children under the water. However, the monster is not an easy catch — you'll need a special lure that will certainly get its attention. The nomads are ready to share their recipe with you in exchange for some tasty fish.

1.Travel to Selenge river
2.Catch Arctic Grayling 6.7 lb+ (3 kg+)
3.Find a few dead water voles in the thickets along the river banks
Water Vole Walker 2 Oz (56 g), #7/0 11514.png

Selenge River - Taimen-KhanLevel 48

Great, you now have the perfect bait for the giant Taimen! All you need to do now is find its habitat! Wait a minute! Can you hear these loud splashes? It's most likely the Taimen! Equip the monster lure and fish it out!

1.Equip Water Vole Walker
2.Catch the Monster
13240 XP, 14550 Credits.png, 2 Baitcoins.png, Taimen Khan Mount 11510.png

Congo River - Duck LureLevel 75

A giant specimen of the Goliath Tigerfish has been sighted in the rapids of the Congo River preying on passing birds. The locals believe that M'Benga, the evil spirit of the river, has possessed the monster fish. They are ready to sacrifice some ducklings for lure if you can get them three large Nile Perches and a basket of eggs.

1.Travel to Congo river
2.Catch Nile Perch 220.4 lb+ (100 kg+)
3.Gather Gray Heron Eggs
Duck Lure 2 Oz (56 g), #10/0 11511.png

Congo River - Battle with Mighty M'BengaLevel 75

Try to catch the Mighty M'Benga monster at the Waterfall Roar location by equipping a powerful rod with the Duck Lure you received.

1.Equip Duck Lure
2.Travel to Congo river
3.Enter to Waterfall Roar location
4.Try to catch the Mighty M'Benga monster
30187 XP, 35375 Credits.png, 2 Baitcoins.png, Mighty M'Benga Mount 11508.png

Congo River - Power of BloodLevel 75

You fought the monster bravely, but apparently the spirit of M'Benga is very strong. Only a special ritual involving the blood of its fellow fish can weaken its spirit and calm its fury for a while. Take the fish you've caught to the local shaman, and they will perform a spirit weakening ritual over your Duck Lure.

1.Travel to Congo river
2.Catch African Tigerfish
3.Catch Trophy African Tigerfish
4.Catch Unique African Tigerfish
5.Take the fish to the shaman at the Waterfall Roar location to the altar
Shaman Duck Lure 2 Oz (56 g), #10/0 11512.png

Congo River - Mighty M'BengaLevel 75

The giant specimen of Goliath Tigerfish still roams around the rapids of the Congo River and hunts for passing birds. All local villagers are hoping for your victory over M'Benga and its banishment. You have 4 hours to catch it with the help of the Shaman Duck Lure.

1.Equip Shaman Duck Lure
2.Catch the Monster
30187 XP, 35375 Credits.png, 3 Baitcoins.png, Mighty M'Benga Mount 11508.png