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It's the ultimate sportfishing simulator! Making the weekend of your choice available to you anytime, anywhere. Take a break from exhausting everyday reality! Transform your day into a real holiday with stunning photo-realistic graphics and lifelike fish behavior as well as detailed angling techniques. Become a member of an elite private Anglers Club to find new friends and fishing buddies! Game features:

- Stunning photo-realistic graphics

- Lifelike fish behavior and detailed angling techniques

- Real angling skills influence your in-game performance and help you progress

- Highly detailed in-game fishing world – weather changes, seasonal diversity, water depth variations etc…

- Tense Tournament and Duel action

Join an elite private Anglers Club to find new friends and fishing buddies, create teams and clubs.

Is the game free?

FISHING PLANET will be available to everyone for free. All you need is an internet connection and a downloaded client.

Our game is based on free-to-win principle, which means you can can fully enjoy the experience, get achievements and win tournaments by relying exclusively on your personal skills without spending a dime. Just having a superb rod alone won’t guarantee the perfect cast; expensive bait will still require knowledge of how to use it; line thickness won’t protect it from breaking if the friction is not set right.

If you want to boost your game progress, there'll be plenty of different gear for you to buy, including exclusive fishing rods or reels designed for specific tasks. And that, indeed, will require spending some real money. The same applies to special licenses and possibilities of visiting certain fishing locations more often.

We want our players to spend money in the game with a feeling of gratitude for a project that they love and actually want to support, rather than pressuring them into buying expensive equipment. The game is all about pleasure and we certainly hope you will enjoy every moment of it!

Is this currently a single player game or multiplayer or and option for both? I read leader boards and competitions, but can I fish beside my buddy on the same pond?

Currently we have isolated the personal space of each player and your actions will not influence the other players result, but you can chat being on the same lake and location. In future you will be able to co-angle on a nicely done bass boat we finish now=) In tournaments you can compete with you and dozens of other anglers, qualify as a pro-angler and will need to support the rank and qualify at least once a month. Which will let you participate in elite series and so on

What states and waterways are going to be available?

Our ultimate goal is to cover as many states and countries as we can. But since at this stage our resources are quite limited, it was decided to select 4 basic states, which will form the basis of the first version of the game. The states we chose are not only interesting from a fishing standpoint, but also represent both coasts, covering the diverse fishing specifics of the East and the West.

Natural conditions and habitats drastically differ in the East and West of the United States, of course, affect both the nature of the waterways, and the diversity of fish species of fish. We decided that Oregon and California should represent the West coast, while North Carolina and Florida - the East coast.

The second point was that the game should have all kinds of water bodies. The 8 basic types we focused on: 1) lowland river; 2) mountain river; 3) lake; 4) pond; 5) reservoir; 6) swamp; 7) channel; 8) estuary. We decided to have three different types of water bodies in each state. In California, for example, we have the delta, lake and mountain river.

In the future, we plan to add at least three more states - Alaska, Texas and Michigan. After all, there’s no such place in North America for salmon fishing like Alaska and Michigan... what angler doesn't dream about catching a trophy muskie? And don't forget "everything is bigger in Texas!".

And we have no intention of stopping there! We firmly believe that each state has something thrilling in store for even the most experienced of anglers, and so it would be great to have them all in our game!

Will my actual skills help fishing in the game?

This is probably the most important question. After all, we are creating a fishing simulator with a primarily aim to recreate actual fishing experience.

Just like in real life, in our game you won't miraculously catch trophy fish in a puddle, using any random kind of bait without regard for weather conditions and time of day. Wanna catch some rainbow trout in a shallow mountain stream? Then you'd better pick up a light spinning rod and light bait. Make sure to consider the speed of current. Before making your first cast, take a moment to “read” the water to increase your likelihood of finding the desired fish. Always consider the weather. Keep track of time. Everything you need to catch that fish is right in front of you – just "read" the pond like you would in real life!

Some baits work better in cold water, some – in warm water. Lures that works great for catching bass might be completely useless when it comes to pike. Driftwood, clearings among thickets of aquatic vegetation, bends, shelves, holes, gravel bars, deep whirlpools and shallow areas - make sure to look for fish where it's likely to be found in real life. A change in weather, sun rising high, light wind starting to blow... Fish bites become more or less frequent. Always look for the cause. Cause and effect. Change your bait, experiment with it (yes, that also affects the bite!). Just be patient, improve your skills and the desired trophy will be yours!

Everything in the game matters and plays its part. All because our game is made by anglers for anglers. And we know how every detail counts!

Even if you don't have any real fishing experience, the game will be a great opportunity to learn! We did our best to create a realistic fishing simulator to help anyone master the basics of this wonderful hobby and further improve their actual angling skills!

Whatever you learn in the game - you can successfully use in real life fishing!