Elephant Fish

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Elephant Fish
Elephant Fish.png
Campylomormyrus spp.
Species Information
Size / weight
Common up to 0.9 (1.98) kg (lb)
Trophy up to 1.5 (3.3) kg (lb)
Unique up to 2.2 (4.85) kg (lb)
Price / Reward
Common per kg 196
Trophy per kg 182
Unique per kg 179


Elephant Fish (Campylomormyrus spp.) is a medium-sized bottom-dwelling schooling fish with a characteristic appearance. It got its name from its elongated mouth that looks like the trunk of an elephant. The fish can perceive movement and weak electric fields with its help, allowing it to detect prey. It can weigh more than 4.5 lbs(2 kg). This fish prefers to keep close to rapids and sections of rivers with rocky bottom. This is mostly a nocturnal fish, also active at sunrise and sunset.

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Recommended fishing methods and tackle

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