Dolly Varden

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Dolly Varden
Dolly Varden.png
Salvelinus Malma
Species Information
Size / weight
Common up to 3.5 (7.72) kg (lb)
Trophy up to 6.5 (14.3) kg (lb)
Unique up to 10 (22) kg (lb)
Price / Reward
Common per kg 80
Trophy per kg 100
Unique per kg 100


Dolly Varden (Salvelinus Malma) is the most widely-distributed species of the Salmon family in Alaska. Native to cold-water tributaries of the coastal waters of Alaska and northern North America from Washington State to the Arctic coast of Canada, this fish’s preferred habitat ranges from small streams to large deep lakes. Sea-run, spawning Dolly Varden can be distinguished by its olive-green body with white belly and scattered yellowish-red spots on the lower sides. Fully grown Dolly Varden usually weigh around 1.5-4 kg (3.5-8 lb), but there is record of specimens weighing up to 12 kg (27 lb). As for Dolly Varden’s diet, it primarily consists of insects, crustaceans, fish eggs and various smaller fish.

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