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In-game tackle and equipment is manufactured, using latest technologies, by several producers:

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Garry Scott™ company was founded in 1965 by the fearless traveler and devoted fisherman Garry Scott. Even then, the company has used custom made manufacturing equipment for making its exceptional fishing rods. Although the company’s primary focus is on float fishing, with the premium and basic float rod lines - GSPlatinex® and GSLex®, Garry Scott™ also features the superb GSPro® line of high quality lightweight casting and spinning rods perfect for landing those big predators. Not only are all Garry Scott™ fishing rods lightweight, strong and durable, their old-school wood-like coating finish makes them beautiful enough to be a work of art! Garry Scott™’s variety of rod lines differs primarily upon the leading-edge technologies used in the manufacturing process, such as the FormFlex® rod-shaping method, the NanoForce® and MegaResin® hi-end blank composite materials and the computerized UZZ® zigzag pattern technology, just to name a few.


Among the first manufacturers of spinning rods and reels since their commercial introduction in 1948, MagFin™ always concentrated on manufacturing highly specialized angling equipment and focused on creating the most innovative products and processes thus making your fishing experience exceptionally enjoyable. Be it bass, pike, perch, walleye, salmon or multi-purpose rods, MagFin™ uses hi-end technological solutions, such as the AirLight® blank material, the GLR® reinforcement lining technology and the DynoSpeed® Construction among many others, to present the next generation of lightweight rods with unmatched strength, durability and high responsiveness. As for the reels, MagFin™ top engineers have been working for decades to proudly present their premium spinning reel line based on the leading edge MicroLite® technology, along with the advanced spinning and low-profile reel lines built with the unique MetaGraf® frames and last but not least, the basic spinning and low-profile reels featuring the superb MagicReel® frame body material. All these and many other innovative solutions were meticulously engineered to give you unconditionally lightweight, precise and durable angling tools! Not to mention, the amazing “feel” of MagFin™ rods and reels when held in your hand. MagFin™ is love at first cast!


For over 30 years, RIVERTEX™ has been a manufacturer of top-notch feeder, spinning and float rods as well as spinning and round baitcasting reels. The company’s range of feeder rods will cover all your feeder fishing requirements, making it first choice for bottom fishing carp and catfish. Not to mention that durability is designed into every RIVERTEX™ rod by the use of special resins and composite materials. Implementing such unique technologies as the ARTEX® meta-aramid fiber composite lining, the ResinFix® curing technology and the MaxCarbon® fiber alignment technology, RIVERTEX™ was able to create rod blanks free of weak points that may cause problems under high stress, like when there's a big fish on the line. As for the reels, RIVERTEX™ presents the renowned Rondo® round baitcasting series along with the Spinntex® spinning and EverCast® low profile reels. Jam packed with leading edge technologies like the ARTEX® reel body material, RBT® rotor balancing technology, HydroStop® isolation technology, NBP® anti-reverse system and tungsten carbide TCBearings®, these are some of the toughest reels on the market! RIVERTEX™ creates tough tackle to make your fishing lighter!


Aside from making reliable fishing tackle, clothing and wide range of accessories, Flaggmann™ has a variety of affordable fishing rods and reels for those seeking inexpensive yet reliable angling tools. The ValueSpin® spinning rod line gives you the best value and comfortable performance in spinning rods, while the ValueCast® line of casting rods ensures superb performance and great value for money. The TeleFloat® series brings you strong and reliable telescopic rods, and the OmniFloat® rod series is ideal for all types of float fishing, providing excellent control over floats. Flaggmann™ also presents high-quality affordable spinning reels of the WinCast®, InspireCast® and MiniSpin® reel series.


Founded by the ever young at heart Ulrich-Chuber brothers, UL-CHUBER™ is a genuinely innovative european manufacturer of fishing equipment that stands for a unique synergy of latest trends in the angling world combined with supreme technological advancements and most importantly, its creators’ passion and love for the philosophic art of fishing! Introducing state-of-the-art original technologies, like the ProtoFibre™ rod blank reinforcer, the HyperTension™ high frequency curing method or the revolutionary TelePort™ reel oscillation system and exclusive HelixSpool™ design. Indeed, a premium brand of top notch feeder rods, reels, feeders, aromatizers, and chum, UL-CHUBER™ takes feeder fishing to a whole new dimension.