Big Red Fish. White Moose Lake, Alberta

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Hey Salmon lovers! This Competition is all about landing some of the biggest Atlantic Salmon using Crankbait! Masterly catching these meaty red giants can make you a real angling star among your peers. So waits no time and invest all your skill and talent in the Big Red Fish competition!

  • Hunt for all forms of Atlantic Salmon
  • Boats usage during the competition is allowed.
  • Rod stand usage during the tournament is prohibited
  • Only the fish caught from the shore scores.
  • Use only Crankbait terminal tackle.
  • The primary objective is to get a max Total Weight of Atlantic Salmon, caught during the Competition
  • You don't have to keep the fish to keep your Score.
  • The secondary objective is landing the biggest single Atlantic Salmon

Scoring Time 45 min
Preconditions Minimum Level
Min icon.png
Maximum Level
Max icon.png
- (32 Amateurs)
Entry Fee 300 Credits.png
REWARDS Prize Fund 106479 Credits.png 16 Baitcoins.png
1st Place 36300 Credits.png 10 Baitcoins.png
2nd Place 24200 Credits.png 5 Baitcoins.png
3nd Place 12100 Credits.png 1 Baitcoins.png
You can get one of the following items:


3165.png X-Series Crankbait 12 ft. (3.5 m), #4/0

3982.png X-Series Glow&Holo Casting Spoon 1 Oz. (28 g), #4/0

3091.png X-Series Barbless Hook #4/0

3155.png X-Series Barbless Medium Spoon 1/2 Oz. (14 g), #3/0

3117.png X-Series Nymphesh 4" (10 cm)

You can get one of the following items: 3986.png X-Series Glowing Pear-Shaped Float

5624.png X-Series Sinker 5 1/2 Oz. (150 g)

3165.png X-Series Crankbait 16 ft. (5 m), #6/0

3123.png X-Series Bass Jig 2 Oz. (56 g), #6/0

3159.png X-Series Bullet Spinner 1 1/4 Oz. (36 g), #4/0

Other rewards are distributed between 4th and 10th places