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Released - 18 June 2024

Here’s the list of other bug fixes and improvements:

  • Added a notification when PondPass expires.
  • Added information about broken items in the "Stay ended" window.
  • Fixed issue where the "Stay ended" window did not appear after time was fast-forwarded.
  • Fixed sound effects (splash sounds) and missing music in the starter scene after reconnecting.
  • Fixed the issue where only clubs from the player's region were displayed when filtering by "All" countries.
  • Resolved issue where the player's purchased premium account was disappearing.
  • Fixed issue where previous messages in the chat were not displayed if the player left and re-entered the room.
  • Minor bug fixes for the 4th of July event.
  • Corrected mistakes in translations in different languages.
  • Fixed issue where shadows from objects in the Kaiji No Ri marina were not displayed.
  • Resolved issue with incorrect flow where the "Stay ended" window did not appear after time was fast-forwarded during an Fishing Together session.