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Released - 27 April 2023

Improvements and Features:

  • Improvements in tutorial missions - added a new simplified tutorial mission for old players to complete “Tight lines” achievement;
  • Pond achievements added for each location. Now only the fish that are recorded in the location’s bite maps are counted when completing the pond achievements;
  • Position of the selected item in backpack and home storage is saved while switching between them;
  • Chum weight rounding improved;
  • Added icon alert when License gets expired;
  • Added a hint for the gamepad in the registration window;
  • Custom Competitions Improvements;
  • Amateur competitions deactivated for the further improvements;
  • Tournament and Сompetitions UI improvement;
  • General UI improvements;
  • Minor Marron river UI improvements;
  • Major Anticheat improvements.

Bug Fix:

  • Issue with notification "The bait was eaten or lost" fixed;
  • Fixed second cast issue after the line is fully rolled out. For the second cast you need to release the left button and press it again;
  • Issue with the buoys sharing window fixed;
  • Fixed issue with the text display for biggest fish in the competition results
  • Issue with the baitcoin exchange window fixed;
  • Major text displaying improvements;
  • Major translation improvements and fixes - Full localization added to the pop-up window when re-equipping spoiled baits;
  • Issue with avatar incorrect behavior after switching rods on the rodstands is fixed;
  • Issue with the current day and time during time forwarding fixed;
  • Tournament reward list issue fixed;
  • Issue with the fish weight displaying fixed;
  • Fixed issue with the topper moving sideways at a 90-degree angle when baiting;
  • Issue with the inactive cursor in the search field in the template sharing window fixed;
  • Fixed unstable behavior of the list of items when selling an item from the inventory. After selling or deleting the item selection remains on the list
  • Nickname auto generation form improved;
  • Issue with the incorrect number of baits for an unequipped fishing rod fixed;
  • Controller improvements;
  • Bug with flying baits fixed;
  • Issue with repetitive notification about competitive activity start fixed;
  • “Time is up” and competition reward windows time sequence fixed;
  • The process of removing items from the inventory when using the controller has been improved;
  • Issues with blank player profile display has been fixed;
  • Fixed issue with closing of the purchase window after successful purchase.
  • Fixed occasional disconnects when joining a friend's room via chat;
  • Issue with the feeder not changing its appearance after being replaced with another one in the inventory fixed;
  • Fixed Infinite loading when trying to enter a player's profile in a competition via competition notification;
  • Chat Improvements.