White Moose Lake - Alberta

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White Moose Lake

This picturesque and pristine glacial lake is located within one of Canada’s largest and most beautiful national parks and surrounded by majestic snow-covered mountains. Breathtaking natural beauty, crisp fresh atmosphere and an everlasting Christmas vibe make White Moose Lake a real gem for the few chosen anglers aware of this magical fishing hot-spot. Showing off its fantastic shades of emerald and turquoise under the bright glistening sun, framed by magnificent mountain ranges and highlighted by coniferous thickets, the lake is one of the deepest natural freshwater reservoirs in North America. No wonder White Moose is simply a dream destination for Lake Trout fishing and landing some Atlantic Salmon, that was successfully introduced to these waters. Not to mention that Northern Pike and Burbot lovers will find their fish of choice rather abundant in these deep waters.

Requirements and fees

Accessible from level 22
Travel fee 950 credits
Fishing fee 200 credits / day

(Prices available if your Home State is Missouri. If you change that, see Set Home State section.)


Term Basic License Trout License Salmon License
MUST BE RELEASED: Brook Trout, Lake Trout, Atlantic Salmon
MUST BE TAKEN: no restrictions
PROHIBITED SPECIES: no restrictions
MUST BE RELEASED: Atlantic Salmon
MUST BE TAKEN: no restrictions
PROHIBITED SPECIES: no restrictions
MUST BE RELEASED: Brook Trout, Lake Trout
MUST BE TAKEN: no restrictions
PROHIBITED SPECIES: no restrictions
Available from level 22 22 22
1 day 150 credits 150 credits 150 credits
3 days 380 credits 300 credits 300 credits
Week 600 credits 1000 credits 1000 credits
Month 2250 credits 1600 credits 1600 credits
Unlimited 10000 credits 15000 credits 10000 credits



Starting points

Santa's Hut
Santa's Hut

White Moose Lake is just one of those fantastic places with a special neverending air of the holiday season. The western bank of this abysmal mountain lake with crystal clear, deep waters has a vacation spot like no other, a magic place that pulls you right into the flamboyant childhood world of Christmas Carols. Here atop the rocky shoreline with perfectly polished boulders covered in enchanting white snow, next to a long wooden pier, stands a marvelously cozy fisherman’s cabin, known by the locals as Santa’s Hut. The truly magical atmosphere of this remote and fantastically picturesque fishing location will make you believe in love at first sight. Offering unmatched opportunities for fishing, especially if you are targeting Lake Trout and Atlantic Salmon, this fishing spot is the place to be for all those eager to enjoy the natural wonders of Christmas!

Resident species