Striped Bass

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Striped Bass


Striped Bass (Morone saxatilis) are perciform fish found all along the North-American oceanic coast. Loved by anglers for putting up a good fight, the species is of significant value as sporting fish and was widely introduced outside its native range. Striped Bass has a silvery body with long dark stripes running from the gills to the tail. The maximum recorded weight is 57 kg (125 lb). The average size is about 67–100 cm (2.2-3.3 ft) and 4.5-14.5 kg (10-32 lb).

Average weight (lb.) 13.25
(kg.) 6.00
Maximum weight (lb.) ≈ 53.00
(kg.) ≈ 24.00


Recommended fishing methods and tackle

Striped Bass roam the open water of San Joaquin Delta in small schools. Even if they have a preference for deep, cold waters, during a fishing day can be found at any water depth. The best method for locating them is random casting medium spoons until you get bite but you may vary your lure and presentation until you find what works best. Once located, you can expect to catch multiple fish from same area until the school moves on to another. Switching to slower moving larger lures will help you in catching the bigger and more bait wise fish. Heavier spinning and bait casting equipment is best for these hard fighters.

Float fishing is not recommended, not even when you find the school.