Spotted Bass

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Spotted Bass


Spotted Bass (Micropterus punctulatus) is native to the Mississippi River basin and across the Gulf states, from central Texas through the Florida panhandle. Spotted Bass gets its name for having distinct dark spots along the sides. It resembles Largemouth Bass in coloration, but has a relatively smaller mouth. This species prefers both cool and warm mountains streams, rivers and reservoirs with rocky bottom. Can reach up to 64 cm (25 in) in length, weighing up to 4.6 kg (10.2 lb), but the average catch weighs about 0.4 - 1.5 kg (0.8 - 3.3 lb). Spotted bass usually feeds on insects, crawfish, frogs, worms and small fish.

Average weight (lb.) 1.55
(kg.) 0.70
Maximum weight (lb.) ≈ 3.30
(kg.) ≈ 1.50


Recommended fishing methods and tackle