Premium Accounts

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You can play through the game without paying any real money. You will get anywhere and will catch all the fish there's available in our game. But if you want to level up faster, you have the option to buy Premium accounts. The purchase will be made for real money and is absolutely optional.

Any FISHING PLANET Premium Account gives you Privileged Angler status with a 50% boost to your Experience Points (XP) earned for every fish you catch, a Premium Wallet and a licences pack. You can choose from:

Privileged Angler status duration Premium Wallet Licences Pack Price
1 day 100 credits Basic (1 day) 1.99 Euro
3 days 200 credits Basic (3 days) 4.39 Euro
7 days 300 credits Basic (7 days) 7.99 Euro
30 days 500 credits Basic (30 days) 14.59 Euro
180 days 1000 credits Basic (180 days) 59.49 Euro
360 days 2000 credits ALL (360 days) 99.59 Euro


  • The table contains prices and packages contents as for 20 August 2015 and may be subject to change.
  • Prices may be different according to your currency and Steam exchange rates.