Lesni Vila Fishery - Czech Republic

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Lesni Vila Fishery

Ah, there’s nothing quite like casting a line and enjoying the gentle spring sunshine! And the Czech Republic, with its Fishing Union dating back to the 19th century, has some of the best fisheries for this pleasant pastime in all of good old Europe! Like the picturesque little pond of Lesní Víla, hidden from the rest of the world amidst woody wilderness, as if a precious gem. Originally a tiny pond, this compact waterway was expanded and stocked with fish like Common Roach, European Perch, Northern Pike, Silver Bream, Tench and Common Carp. All to much delight of both local angling enthusiast, as well as avid fishing travellers from afar!.

Requirements and fees

Accessible from level 3
Travel fee 100 credits
Fishing fee 20 credits / day


Term Basic License Advanced License
MUST BE RELEASED: Trophy Common Roach, Trophy Prussian Carp, Trophy Silver Bream, Common Tench
MUST BE TAKEN: no restrictions
PROHIBITED SPECIES: no restrictions
NIGHT CATCH: forbidden
BOAT FISHING: forbidden
MUST BE RELEASED: no restrictions
MUST BE TAKEN: no restrictions
PROHIBITED SPECIES: no restrictions
NIGHT CATCH: allowed
BOAT FISHING: forbidden
Available from level 3 3
1 day 150 credits 300 credits
3 days 420 credits 850 credits
Week 940 credits 1890 credits
Month 3600 credits 7200 credits
Unlimited 7 baitcoins 15 baitcoins


Late spring

Starting points

The Other Side
The Other Side

On the other side of the Lesni Vila fishery, you can find a remote sandy shore, enigmatically lit in the warm rays of the late spring sun. This northernmost fishing spot, beautifully surrounded by a picturesque pastoral landscape of distant rolling hills and meadows, slopes steeply into the lake’s shallow waters and seems like a perfect place to try fishing for European Perch and Northern Pike.

Rybarsky Domov
Rybarsky Domov

This lovely little fishing spot on the southern bank of Lesní Víla pond has a certain housewarming vibe that makes one feel truly at ease. There’s simply no better place to start exploring the dazzling variety of European angling destination than this remote little area next to your very own secret getaway home! And like they say, east or west - Home is best! So take a gradual dive into the limitless possibilities of European fishing by casting your line to catch some Prussian Carp or Tench and prepare for the countless adventures to come!.

Gazebo in the Woods
Gazebo in the Woods

Take a refreshing stroll along Lesní Víla pond and explore the path leading to the eastern side of this small and charming lake. There, surrounded by dense greens woods and overlooking the picturesque distant hills, remotely stands a lovely summertime gazebo. But aside from being an element of decor, this charming structure marks another productive fishing spot, a true angling paradise for catching Common Carp, Mirror Carp and Common Roach.

Boats & Kayaks boarding points


Resident species