Freshwater Drum

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Freshwater Drum


Freshwater Drum (Aplodinotus Grunniens) is one of the most wide ranging species of fish native to North America, spread from Canada to Mexico and the Rocky mountains to the Appalachians. Freshwater Drum is the only member of its family that inhabits exclusively freshwater throughout its entire life. This fish prefers clear water with clean sandy or gravel bottom but are quite tolerant to somewhat turbid and murky waters. The species is visually distinguished by its silvery-grey to brown body with a hump back and blunt snout. The Drum typically weighs around 1-5 kg (2-10 lb), but they can grow to weigh over 18 kg (40 lb). These fish feed mostly on aquatic insect larvae, mussels and occasionally small fish.

Average weight (lb.) ≈5.00
(kg.) ≈2.30
Maximum weight (lb.) ≈15.00
(kg.) ≈6.30


Recommended fishing methods and tackle