Emerald Lake - New York

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Emerald Lake

This picturesque and shady lake is situated in one of the largest remote areas in the state of New York that shows practically no marks of civilization. Snugly hidden in a natural wilderness that encompasses thousands of acres of rolling hills and unbroken forestlands, Emerald Lake overwhelms with its cool tranquility and mystic atmosphere. Despite the lake’s exquisite natural beauty, its remote location makes it inaccessible to simple tourists, with only the daring anglers exploring its desolate shoreline. Indeed, Emerald Lake's varying terrain offers both low banks and drop-offs near the shoreline thus providing two different angling locations perfect for catching Grass Pickerel, Northern Pike, Black Crappie, Yellow Perch or Golden Shiner.

Requirements and fees

Accessible from level 5
Travel fee 140 credits
Fishing fee 40 credits / day

(Prices available if your Home State is Missouri. If you change that, see Set Home State section.)


Term Basic License Advanced License
MUST BE RELEASED: Chain Pickerel, Northern Pike
MUST BE TAKEN: Redfin Pickerel, Grass Pickerel, Yellow Perch
PROHIBITED SPECIES: no restrictions
MUST BE RELEASED: no restrictions
MUST BE TAKEN: no restrictions
PROHIBITED SPECIES: no restrictions
Available from level 5 6
1 day 30 credits 40 credits
3 days 75 credits 100 credits
Week 120 credits 160 credits
Month 450 credits 600 credits
Unlimited 1500 credits 2250 credits


Mid fall

Starting points

The Dock of Peace
The Dock of Peace

This heavily rooted area right on the picturesque bank of Emerald Lake offers a splendid angling location right atop a small wooden dock. This spot may be a bit difficult to access, but you will undoubtedly find it a rewarding sanctuary of peace. Enjoy the lush green, red and yellow of the surrounding woods and sooth your hearing by slight splashing of waves against the wooden logs under your feet. Not to mention that the placid cool waters of this fishing location are delightfully deep, offering great opportunity to catch numerous Black Crappie, Grass Pickerel, Redfin Pickerel and Northern Pike. Perfect fishing spot to try your luck and skills at getting some Trophy catches.

Midland Charm
Midland Charm

This lovely fishing spot right on the west bank of Emerald Lake is a perfect sunrise view location with an air of midland charm. Here, the shallow sandy shore gradually descends to its untamed depth and the placid, statue-still surface of the lake is disturbed only by an occasional Crappie, hunting just under the surface of the water to feast on unsuspecting flies. As the smell of damp grass and wet sand overwhelms your senses, let all your worries dissolve and concentrate in peaceful meditation as you fish the day away for Northern Pike, Chain Pickerel, Golden Shiner and Yellow Perch hiding in the tree-roots and weed beds just offshore…

Resident species