Blue Crab Island - Mississippi

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Blue Crab Island

Situated just off the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, in the state’s southernmost region along the Gulf of Mexico, the Blue Crab Island is a true nature’s jewel and fascinating angling destination unlike any other in North America! This tropical oasis gets its name from an abundance of crab species that inhabit the islands brackish sea waters, thus attracting countless predatory fish to feast on their delicious meat. Indeed, if the Blue Crab Island’s beauty of late summer mystique and the moist freshness signalling the end of the rain season, along with the local mangrove trees and sawgrass thickets don’t make you forget about your hectic city life - nothing will. The island’s exotic terrain feasts the eye to a coastline cut by numerous intricate channels within a splendid saltwater delta, that offers magnificent opportunities for recreational fishing. Blue Crab Island’s slow current with dense aquatic vegetation make it a comfortable habitat and spawning place for a wide array of fish species lurking all around: from saltwater Permit and Bonefish, Tarpon and Striped Bass, Snook and Red Drum, to everyone’s favorite freshwater Largemouth and Speckled Peacock Bass, a native of the South American rainforest rivers that was introduced to this island some time ago. Just the place to go on a thrilling boat adventure, feeling like a daring explorer of centuries past!

Requirements and fees

Accessible from level 54
Travel fee 12000 credits
Fishing fee 2500 credits / day