Black Crappie

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Black Crappie


Black Crappie (Pomoxis nigromaculatus), or Calico Bass tends to frequent clear lakes and streams. Crappies are rather deep-bodied fishes that are popular as food and are prized by sport fishermen. The body is usually silvery-gray to green in color with black splotches and rows of dark spots on the fins. They can reach up to 50 cm (20 in) in length and weigh as much as 2.8 kg (6 lb), but are usually around 18-25 cm (7-9 in) and 0.23-0.45 kg (0.5-1 lb). Black Crappie prefer to feed on fish, insects and crawfish.

Average weight (lb.) 0.55
(kg.) 0.25
Maximum weight (lb.) ≈ 3.30
(kg.) ≈ 1.50


Recommended fishing methods and tackle