Akhtuba River - Russia

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Akhtuba River

Ah, Russia… The inimitable people of this country, believe that you haven't really gone fishing until you tried it in Russia. Let’s begin to explore the local natural beauty and experience the amazing fishing.

Requirements and fees

Accessible from level 46
Travel fee 9000 credits
Fishing fee 2000 credits / day


Term Basic License Advanced License
MUST BE RELEASED: Common Beluga, Trophy and Unique Volga Zander, Trophy and Unique Ziege, Trophy and Unique Caspian Roach, Trophy and Unique Ide, Trophy and Unique Zander, Trophy and Unique Blue Bream, Trophy and Unique Silver Bream, Trophy and Unique Common Rudd, Trophy and Unique Common Roach, Trophy and Unique Asp, Trophy and Unique Wels Catfish, Trophy and Unique European Perch, Trophy Prussian Carp, Trophy and Unique Chub, Trophy and Unique Common Bream, Trophy Tench, Trophy and Unique Common Carp, Trophy and Unique Northern Pike
MUST BE TAKEN: no restrictions
PROHIBITED SPECIES: no restrictions
NIGHT CATCH: forbidden
BOAT FISHING: forbidden
MUST BE RELEASED: no restrictions
MUST BE TAKEN: no restrictions
PROHIBITED SPECIES: no restrictions
NIGHT CATCH: allowed
BOAT FISHING: rowing boats & kayaks allowed
Available from level 46 46
1 day 4000 credits 8000 credits
3 days 11400 credits 22800 credits
Week 25200 credits 50400 credits
Month 96000 credits 192000 credits
Unlimited 750 baitcoins 1500 baitcoins



Starting points

Сhaika Creek
Сhaika Creek

On the southern side of Akhtuba River, a little creek branches off from the main body of water to create a fascinating fishing location with fast moving boisterous waters and sandy shawls. Locals call Chaika, because of the name of an old abandoned camping site nearby, with shabby wooden houses standing since the days of USSR...left to their own fate, like ghosts of the Soviet past. Separated from the wide and moderately paced waterway by a small island, these narrow waters have a totally different dynamic with much faster current and a notably different fishing experience that comes with. Nevertheless, the little river armlet is swarming with a large variety of different fish: from Caspian Roach and Common Bream to Zander, Asp and Wels Catfish.

Wide as the Russian Soul
Wide as the Russian Soul

This beautiful fishing spot is situated on one of the vast and most spacious parts of the Akhtuba River. The broad open area surrounding this lovely riverside beach, greets the traveller’s eyes with gradually sloping sandy shores overlooking a somewhat abrupt and cliffy opposite bank. Nothing seems to interrupt the placid natural calm but a thin streak of smoke rising from a distant power plant somewhere on the horizon. Enjoy this broad open space, wide as the Russian soul, as you indulge in catching Asp, Caspian Roach, Tench, Ziege, Silver Bream, Zander and many other fish inhabiting Akhtuba’s deep mysterious waters...flowing by without haste, perhaps with an air of dignified moderation.

Resting Waters
Resting Waters

Densely covered with lotuses and lily pads, it seems as if this still little lake is an aquatic pit-stop, where the hurrying current of Akhtuba River flows to fall into a tranquil slumber when tired from its incessant movement. As the soft rays of October sun illuminate these serenely resting waters with a mild golden glow, make your best cast and breathe in the autumn air to feel its crisp freshness with a sweet hint of dried grass and a musky scent of fallen leaves. Now wait for the strike in placid meditation. After all, the lake’s calm aquatic depth hides a plentiful array of underwater inhabitants for an angler to hunt on: Blue Bream, Volga Zander, Ide, Common Carp, Chub and Northern Pike just to list a few..

All Hail the Pioneers!
All Hail the Pioneers!

Further upstream, in the higher reaches of Akhtuba River, you will discover a lovely steak of a long-forgotten desolate beach that once belonged to an old summer camp for young and daring Soviet pioneers. Here, on the gradually sloping shore rests this enigmatic Russian relic with a palpable historic vibe, adding some inexplicable charm to the overall spirit of the quiet, somewhat ghostly atmosphere. Ah, what an ambient place to spend the day out fishing for Zander, Northern Pike, Asp and Wels Catfish… as you gaze into the deep murky waters, flowing by into the distance, steadily and relentlessly as time itself!.

Boats & Kayaks boarding points

Wide as the Russian Soul

Resident species